Perfect Moment

The moonlight shone upon the beach and lighted two loving couples walking along the see shore. They stopped and the girl chased after the tide and ran back with excitement when the tide hit her feet. The guy caught her and wrapped his arms around her waist from the back. She lay there and listened to his heartbeat. The guy pointed up high in the sky at the constellations, showing her the shape of the Big Dipper and Orion. Her eyes were lighted with interest. She could finally identify them, for the first time in her life. The wind blew across their faces and surrounded them with the fresh ocean smell. The girl closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment of love and peace. She was no longer shivering because of the cold wind and her hands were warm again. She wanted the time to stop so that this moment could last forever. Howeve, nothing could last forever. She sighed silently in her heart. She tilted her head and looked into his tender eyes and smiled.

"I love you, Nick and Happy birthday." She whispered quietly but it was enough to be heard. He bent down and lightly on kissed her lips. Again, he tasted her sweetness, a sense that he was already addicted. He pulled her away and kissed on her forehead. He wanted to say something but no words could describe his feelings at this moment. He hold her tighter, giving her warmth and love. Silence again remain between the lover, a perfect moment both of them hope to last, yet, time would never allow that.

Finally, the girl broke the perfect silence: "Nick, do you know what I like best about the movie The Italian Job?"

"You love the line, 'I want to see his face when all of his gold is stolen'" A weird feeling rushed through him. He wondered the point of her asking such question out of the blue or maybe...

"Nick, imagine me if I were the girl..." The girl slowly pulled her hands out of his and put them in her jacket.

"And I'm the guy." He continued her sentence and silence was her reply "Claire, before you proceed, can I say something?"

"Sure." and that was her only answer.

He bent down and whispered into her ears: "Sometimes, it is to accept a defeat than to fight. However, before you say anything I just wanted to say that I care for you and want you to be happy. I love you, Claire."

She closed her eyes and forced the tears back to where they belong. His words were tender and sweet, yet they were no use. Slowly she pulled herself away from him and gathered her extra emotions. She cleared her voice and looked into his eyes: "As you have already predicted, " She took a deep breath and continued, "we are over." As she finished her sentence, he heard his heart shattered into piece. The girl he was holding in his arms 5 minutes ago was long gone.

"Nick, a girl like me would never apologize to her ex-boyfriend for nothing." Her voice was clear as the night sky that penetrate through his ears.

"I should've known." He smirked, "But I stillfall foryou."

"Then, you've just played by a girl for the past few months." She pushes all her feelings behind her and used all her strength to keep herself emotionless. The wind blew right through them, like a knife cutting them apart. "Then, this is the end of us. Good bye Nick." Claire turned her back but He quickly grabbed her hand. She didn't turn. She was afraid of seeing his face and...

"As for a guy who loves the girl, he would assume the girl loves him back and cares for him..."

"I did care for you Nick." Claire broke his sentence, "Maybe not this time, but once I did." She took his hand off hers: "I hope one day, you can love a girl with out so many stories."

"I hope one day you will give a guy second chance when he make a mistake." Nick kept his hands beside him, knowing perfect that he was defeated and there was no turning point.

I did give you a second chance. I did. Claire wanted to say but didn't; instead she said: "Bye Nick, and Happy birthday." She walked away with no hesitations

The night was awfully cold and there were two lines of white streak on her face. She put her hands in her jacket, trying to keep them as warm as possible, but as usual, they were icy cold.

A/N: I think romanticize the actual story a little too much. hehe oh well.. at least it is more interesting than the original story. Hope you enjoyed it.. anyway R&R please.. thank you for reading the story