What is death but a suicidal dream,
a reality more harsh then it seems.
I wish I could float away from this place,
the way you did with out a trace.
I still have your marks all over me,
The way you bit me saying it wouldnt hurt to bleed,
Now I know the real you.
Let me run away too.
I need to feel the pain of you inside me
I need to feel the blood drip beside me.
I know youre secret,
There is nothing you can hide
Dont leave me now,
not when I need you
When night comes and I dont see you face,
my whole body cries.
Whose eyes ar eyou loking in,
Is she worth your living sin?
I want you with a passion that last forever,
You thirst for life is my thirst for a lover.
We can drink the blod together,
I am what you are.
Take me away and leave one last scar.
We can be dead and alive,
Its better the living this lie.
Fuck my soul and tear my dreams
you leaving me,
hurts more then its seems.'
I know i should hate you.
I should ahte what you stand for.
But i dont.
I love you
I need you
I feel my blood boil when your near.
when night falls I see clear.
WHat is living if it is without you.
I know that you are not like others.
You have no family,
no sisters or brothers.
You walk alone to hide the pain,
I dont even know your name.
All I know is that when I almost died that night.
It was for your orgasmic bite.
We had sex and you left.
I want that night back,
Dont leave me now.
I feel your power when all I see is dark.
I touch that old disapearing mark.
I want to be dead.
Take me with you.
This passion is deeper then it seems.
You tore my heart at the seams.
Now you have to put it back together,
or be cursed foreveer