I watch myself die again,
I sit alone in the dark corners,
Letting my flow of thoughts take over,
Wishing I knew something, anything,
So that I can lose all of this shit.

A girl; she paints her nails
The colour she feels her heart and soul are,
Alone in a world of nothing.

A common life for people,
Hurt, abandoned, unloved.

He sits on his own in the dark,
Painting his body with two words,
Dead, Alone.
A black cross over his heart,
Like a treasure map.

Screaming, cutting, scratching,
Wanting all the same thing.

Bleeding all over the floor,
Each one of them together apart,
Trapped in a world different to this,
A hole of nothing in their heads,
A world of torment and dispair.

All calling for help,
No one comes they don't care,
No one worries about the three,
And the scars over their hearts.

Drip, Drop a pool of blood,
Surrounding the limp shapes.

I watch us die once again,
Our hearts ripped out,
Torn apart by savage dogs,
They are the people here and around,
The ones that hate us so much.

Alone now always,
Dead forever.

The cross marks the spot,
To drive the knife through.
Maybe the neck would be better
For this.
A lonely unforgettable death.

Another gone two left,
Soon to fall to the same fate.

Each of the three dead,
The three best friends,
Two were like one,
Now only a past memory,
To the ones they left behind.

Watching from a distance,
On families and friends.

The three leave their mark,
Graves lined up next to each other,
Three friends that took their lives.