Discovery of the mirror,
How you shine!
Man's greatest invention,
Of inner pride,
Or perhaps ego,
Who's to know?

Here he stands,
Playing around,
Admiring himself,
Showcasing his strengths,
Believing no one is watching!

Yet, what a show!

First, admiration of ones face,
Then, of course,
Why not have a little fun?

Monkey faces, whoops, where is that chin?
Proud, defiant poses of valor and strength,
Flipping of the hair one way, then another,
Which looks the best, which is the worst?
What'll woe the ladies?

Apparently not, back to normal,
Now he looks around.

Hello, my friend, you didn't know you had a audience,
Now did you?

Really, now why do you blush so?
You have just discovered the mirror.