It'd be easy for me to say

"For all I care,"

she can go to hell.

For all I care,

You'd be dead.

But sarcasm isn't pertinent

In circumstances like these.

I'd love for you to fight back,

at all of your enemies,

all of your obstacles.

I'd love to be with you,

wherever you go.

It'd be a lie if I said

I didn't care.

That connection is broken,

as am I.

For fear of other's judgments,

Misconceptions (I hide who I am).

As my finger bleeds now,

The vermilion fluid dripping,

stinging, I care not.

Let it be infected, let me die,

Let me go to hell.

Nothing is the same without you.

This I cannot say enough:

I miss you,

More than I've ever missed anyone.

And I want you to turn back,

back to who you used to be,

Here with me.

It didn't have to end this way:

I'm not sure if this is what you wanted.

I look back now

to all those happy days

(yet somehow, I'm not happy).

And I wonder:

Was there anything I could have done?

Never do I remember us fighting,

yet I am overwhelmed with grief.

So many people changing,

Differencing themselves from others,

Yet I feel stuck in the middle,

caught between the past and the present.

I want you back, yet it's not in my power.

I want you back, yet I can't change

what has already been done.

I want you back.