The Battle of High School Clicks

Britt had never seen a dead body before. Not a real dead body. Yeah she'd seen a look alike in the caskets at funerals but, this was real. Every thing was included in this one the blood the stench every thing. It had all happened before she had any idea what was going on. It was only supposed to be a prank but, ended all wrong. She and her posse had planned to take the preps out for a camping trip. The scheme was going great. It had taken some time to convince them to go out in a boat with them. She didn't blame them. Her friends and her had abnormal hair colors and wore dresses over jeans. She was the brains of this operation. They were going as you already know take them all camping and then get them out into the boat. Then they would pretend to break down. There in the water they would sit until dark. Her friend Shi would jump out of the boat pretending to fall off and not come up when she was really silently swimming away to the shore. That was supposed to scare the preps and jocks. They figured that the jocks would be too selfish to jump in after her the preps to stuck-up. So they went along with it Britt, would steer the boat. D.J my boyfriend would sit there acting horrified and so would the other two. Michelle and Cidy were their names. The victims of our prank were Candy, Mitch, Jared, Lana, and Hope. All went as planned until Shi jumped off the side. That's when the trouble started. From that point in time our lives changed forever. Shi jumped and surprisingly so did Mitch. As soon as he heard Britt's 'scream' he had decided to be a hero. Into the water went his huge frame. Shi alarmed had went under and started to swim away from the small motor boat. Mitch totally oblivious to the prank swam right after her. The dumb fuck shouldn't have moved. For Candy his girlfriend had leaned against the ignition. The key was still in it and she had turned the key. God only knows how she did it but, we had no time to react. The boat jerked forward and the rest was a dream. No scratch that. It was a nightmare. The only detail remembered by any of then was that they had all felt the boat tilt a little when Mitch had went under it. Candy had screamed. Hope had started to hyperventilate and Britt was trying to keep from screaming. D.J was trying to shut the boat off and the rest were standing there doing nothing. What had started as a harmless prank had turned into God knows what. D.J had finally got it turned off and it stopped moving. Britt grabbed a flash light and skimmed the water hoping to find any sign of the jock. Nothing. All was silent. The only thing that was heard were the sobs and whimpers of the others behind her. Then… She spotted his head bobbing up and down. Britt turned around and told D.J to get him. D.J nodded and jumped into the water. Shi was nowhere to be seen and Britt had turned the light back to the water in search of her best friend. D.J had reached Mitch and was swimming back to the small boat. Candy's eyes widened in horror, "No…" was all that escaped her lips. She ran to the side to help D.J lift him up. Britt ignored all around her. 'Shi, Shi, Shi. Where are you?' She thought franticly. "Britt! We have to go! Now! "Came Hope's voice. Britt snapped her head to face her. "We have to find Shi." Her voice was but a whisper. "He needs a doctor! " Candy yelped. All the others were still silent. Britt ignored her again. Her patience was thinning. She grew agitated. "Shi!?" she screamed out over the still water. There was no response. "Look! There!" cam Cidy's voice. Britt looked to where her long graceful black finger nail was pointing. There in the water laying face down was Shi. "Get her!" came Britt's shrill voice. Nobody moved. D.J was shivering. "Fine!" was all she said and jumped in. The water hit her like a million spears. She didn't even flinch. Her only concern was Shi. She urged her arms and legs to move. After 2 or 3 minutes she reached her friend. Britt wasted no time grabbing her and she struggled to swim back. She reached the boat after what seemed like centuries. D.J and Jared pulled her onto the deck and then helped Britt. Britt crawled to Shi and felt her face and immediately pulled it back. Shi was freezing. She had never seen a real dead body and she had never expected her first encounter with one to be Shi. There was no doubt about it. Shi was no longer among the living. Britt showed no emotion but, she sure felt a great sadness. "Oh my God" Cidy shrieked. "This isn't happening." Michelle mumbled. But to their dismay it very much was. The next hour was filled with silence and more silence. It was broken by Britt. "So what are we gonna tell the cops?" "The truth." Was her answer. She turned to D.J. "What IS the truth?" She asked. D.J looked uncomfortable but, he still gave has an answer, "We went camping our boat broke down and." Britt cut him off, "D,J the real truth." Nom it was Lana's turn to talk, "You guys were going to play a trick on us and it went wrong." All eyes were on her. "H-How'd you know? "came Cidy's hoarse voice. "I knew from the moment you invited us camping." She snapped. After that silence was again the only sound on the lake. It was colder and everyone was shaking whether from fear, nerves, or just being cold. Finally D.J turned the ignition and they were at shore in a matter of minutes. Nobody talked about how they had just witnessed a death. Nobody discussed the fact that they were in trouble big time. Not one of them even thought about the horror they were going to face. For the police were going to make them relive every little detail. Nobody wondered how scarred they were going to be. Nobody thought of their own laughter they would never hear again. All they thought bout was the life they had witnessed disinagrate before their very eyes and the life that was slowly but surely loosing its fight against death. And to think…..This all could have been avoided if they had just got along. If there were no clicks or labels… The life of a very innocent person could have been spared.