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I said something in an earlier chapter about a sequel. Well I didn't get much feed back on that idea, so I'm guessing I shouldn't write one. If you think differently please let me know so I can begin formulating a plan! Otherwise I'm starting a different story!

Anyway. I'm really glad to have this story done. I had so much fun writing it, but I was putting a lot of time into it. And I was getting to the point where I needed to choose between school work and making the story drag out for another twenty chapters. I didn't think I could keep everyone interested that long and I needed to actually spend some time on my math homework to understand it. (Sam, keep your mouth SHUT! Lol) But, um, anywho.

Though I'm glad that I'm finished writing, I'm really gonna miss it. I mean, I have so much free time now. Though, I do have five horses to train and the summer show season is coming up… but really, no big deal…-yeah right I wish-.

Do you have any idea how long it takes for 59 pages to print? A looooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg time. Lol.

Okay, um, if enough people want a sequel here's basically what it would be about. It wouldn't be about Shay and Coby, it would be about Taryn and her life. Here's a tentative summery-

Taryn Ann Michelle Eldridge wants to be the top of her class and eventually head the rebellion by being the caption of the intelligence team. Ever since she was little she had loved being in control and could easily organize large, complicated plots, much to her parents amusement and sometimes the end of their rope. Everything's going as planned, until one person forces her to make a choice that she doesn't want to have to make. Ever. Continue single mindedly striving for the top while pushing everything else, save her horse, out of the picture. Or let just one person inside her shell. One decision could make or break her dream career. Should she continue for her lifelong dream, or make room for a new one?

Pretty please let me know, honestly and clearly, what ya'll want to happen. If I don't write the sequel I'm going to write this story-

Raidaleigh Rose Belle is the eighteen (almost nineteen) year old daughter of Jared Belle, a candidate running for President of the United Sates of America. She's a total rodeo buff and owns possibly the fastest horse on the circuit. After winning a local rodeo a college friend of her brother offers her a proposition she can't refuse. Establish a barrel racing breeding and showing operation and make a big name for the company. Prize- half ownership in a prospering establishment. Of course she jumps on the offer. It comes complete with a big, loveable, emotionally scarred cowboy and horses. It's perfect. She gets to test her wings in the business world with a career she loves. And even though her partner is incredibly good looking, there won't be a problem with falling for him, since in the past a woman tore his heart in pieces, leaving him wary of women. So, even if she did fall for him, which she wouldn't, there was no danger. Right?

Either way I'm hoping to post this one, though I have no idea what the title will be. But I need to know what you guys want to read. I'm not gonna post something people don't like or care about, that would be stupid. (don't you dare say anything, just because I'm blonde…) lol. Feed back is always nice.

So um, thanks again everyone that reviewed! And please tell me which story you want to have written next! If anyone wants to talk about anything e-mail at . That includes just chatting or yelling at me or whatever! Lol. Bye guys, hope to hear from ya'll!

Love ya'll