I'm so confused about what to do anymore-

I know you want to work things out and so do I-

But there's just some things you can't work out-

And as much as I want things to get better-

I don't know if they will-

But I cant just sit around and hurt like this forever-

I can't it hurts me too much to just wait for things to get better-

When things never seem to change-

I love you and I know you love me-

And you know what you did-

And I know what I've done-

It's nobody's fault completely-

It's the both of us-

When we're together everything is fine-

But when we're not all I can think about is the past-

And it makes me think a lot about what I'm doing-

Because it hurts to know what you did-

Weather or not you intended on doing it-

No matter how long ago it was-

Even if it was just once-

Once is all it takes-

I know your suppose to forgive and forget-

Well I forgive you-

But I can't forget it for the life of me-