"Life's Tough"

Written by: cowsgoquack

Chapter 1: Meet Me

"Be careful, Susan!" My mother yells at me, while I cross the street. Susan, I think. What kind of name is that? It sounds like a teacher's name or the name of an old lady who lives a cross the street from your house. You know what I mean?

I'm walking to school today 'cause our family car broke down last night while we were driving to the local Chinese restaurant. I sigh, and I step over a dead pigeon on the side of the road. I'm sure glad I'm not a bird; that's for sure. I switch my thoughts to another subject, Ice cream.

What? It's not like I've got any thing else to think about. I look up from the ground and see the school I go to, Polar middle school. I look up and see the large Indian head painted on the front, which is our mascot by the way.

One thing pops up in my mind right then, what the heck do Indians have to do with the polar arctic? I mean we aren't even in the North Pole. I step onto the front steps of the building and enter through the two doors. Today's a Wednesday and I remember that I have advisory instead of English first period. I walk through the hall and a chick from my math class waves at me. I don't know her, and as a matter of fact, I hardly know anyone here; they're just in my classes or just wave at you for the heck of it.

I turn and walk through another hall, my winter boots that I got at the Wal-mart clack on the blue tile floor as I walk up to my locker. "The halls are really empty today," I think as I turn the lock. I wonder if we have an assembly or something... I really don't much pay attention to the announcements or gossip, and I'm not the one to ask if there was anything important anyway. A teacher whom I don't know walks up to me as if she was in a hurry.

"What are you doing?! All students are to be in the gym!" She yells at me like she's my mom.

"Sorry." I replied and slammed my locker shut, "I didn't know."

She paused a moment as if surprised that a teenager like myself didn't throw a fit or talk back to her.

"Well," She began, "come on; let's go before the pep rally begins." She left me to pick up my purse and binders from the ground and follow her, and here I thought I was late! The woman was yelling me for no reason…

We get to the gymnasium and I see why the halls where empty before. The whole student body is sitting in the bleachers. I adjust my glasses on my nose, which is what I tend to do when I'm nervous. If I could choose to go and give a speech to a crowd or lose and arm, I'd lose the arm. That goes to show you how shy I am.

The teacher whom I still don't know waves her hand at me in a 'are you freaking blind you idiot; come here, moron!' kind of way. I walk up to her and she begins to speak but I block her out of my head. I've got selective hearing which comes in handy when you need it. She stops talking and gives me a look. "Are you listening?" She asks. I nod.

"Well… What did I say?" She asks, and I'm standing there hoping she'd just shut up so I could sit down and watch cheerleaders stumble and trip while they try to make an entrance.

"Sit down?" I say sheepishly. She blinks and says something between the lines of "yes," and "no, little brat; that's not what I said." I think my imagination is just messing with me now.

She walks away from me and I guess she wants me to sit down so I do. Football players run into the middle of the gym I recognize all of them preppy, stuck up, goodie-two-shoes. There's one though that surpasses all of them in the snobbish category though, Adonis; he's in my Spanish class and Social Studies class, and he frowns constantly. I really don't like him. What's up with his name anyway?

Adonis… Isn't that some Greek god or something? I bet his parents are really stuck-up as well... I bet in runs in the family.

The football players are gone and some other sport players come out and yell random words at the crowd. They leave and the cheer squad does a cheesy number... I'm not about to describe it; if I did, I'd get a cavity.

Before I know it the 'prep' rally is over and I'm off to first period. I guess Advisory was cancelled.

(Author's notes: …Ahem. This is my first story that is entirely my own! Gasp…! …So if you don't like it, don't kill me…Yet… -cowsgoquack)

Beta reader's corner: Okay, this chapter's all fixed! I hope you enjoy it! -Iya