Chapter 12: Dealing.

Both Gale and Devon sit in silence as I stare at them trying to process everything they've told me in my mind .wow. My mind is blank and I feel like I can't breathe.

"Um…Can I go to the bathroom for just a sec?"

Gale nods and tells me that is down the hall and to the right .I stand and walk there as quickly as possible; but I try to do it in a manner that makes think I'm totally calm. Which I'm not.

I'm standing in the bathroom now, the door is closed and I'm leaning on the sink. My face in mere inches away from the mirror and I'm trying to control my breathing.

"Calm down Susan. Calm down. You can do this." I say to myself. I'm trying so hard to understand how they feel. Gale told me they are in love and my remark to that is, "You're only 14!" honestly I don't think they know what love is… I don't even know what love is. I mean I know I love my mom for a fact and that's because she's given me life, My whole existence revolves around my mother. What would my mother do in this situation?

I sigh. My heart rate has gone down now and I think I'm ready to face my best friend and her 'girlfriend' once again.

"Okay..." I say as I walk into gales room, "when do we get started on that English project?"

Both gale and Devon give me questioning stares but I just smile in return. Silently letting them know that I accept them for who they are and what they do doesn't really matter to me just as long as things stay the same in our friendship.

"Hey mom" I greet as I stroll into our apartment.

"Hey sweetie," she's sitting at her desk paying bills I presume, "there's some spaghetti for you in the microwave."

I nod and say, "Thanks." As I walk into the kitchen and pull the bowl out from the microwave.

I pick up a fork from the sink and sit on the couch next to her desk. Our living room is rather small, her desk, the couch and the TV is what it holds.

"mom." I state, my mouth full with spaghetti, "today was the weirdest day ever."

"Oh really?" she's too busy to look up at me and notice my black eye.

"Yeah. I got in a fight." I lie. It wasn't a fight more like…a beating. In which I was the one who the beating was upon.

She gasps and stands from her seat, "Oh my goodness." She walks over to me and gingerly places her hand on my cheek, "why Susan?"

"It wasn't my fault." I reply.

She shoots me a disapproving look and sighs, "Put some ice one it."

"Okay", I say and stand up.

"How come I didn't get a call?" Mom asks.

I shrug in response. I make my way into the kitchen and place my empty bowl in the sink and I grab some ice from the fridge. My mom hands me a rag to put the ice in.

"Well," I say as I put the ice on my eye, "I'm tired, goodnight mom."

"Goodnight, I love you."

"I love you too."


Sorry its so been a year since I've updated and I 've basically quit writing until now..i think I may start it up again..i'm not sure.