Hot tears fell down a girls face; her long mahogany dreads now mattered from blood, waved as she ran down the road. Her long black coat swayed as she stopped, the baggy camouflaged pants she wore were wet from rain. Her light green eyes twinkled as she saw the limp body of her brother; his mangled body still had the black and blue New York Yankee cap upon his shaved head. She picked up the handgun by his side, she lifted up to her temple and pulled the trigger. BANG!

Millie sat in the office, She looked at her handbag, she'd have to wait for that smoke she dearly wanted. The publersher came up to her, his head hung low.

"Mill we haven't ha any good stories. Now I'm not saying there from you but if you don't help pick up the game we're losing our jobs." Jack said sadly, before Millie could say anything Jack dismissed her.

Millie walked down a street, she saw just a head of her a small girl. She looked like a gang kid, the girl turned to face Millie, on the left side of her head was a bullet hole, next to her was a 17 year old. His chest was covered with blood, also from a bullet wound.