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Chapter 2

Tyler walked through the front door of his home, Jay following right behind him, blabbering about something. Ty wasn't too sure what; he wasn't listening. Jay followed him up to the attic room that they shared. This was one of the moments when Ty wished that he could tell Jay to get out. But, it was Jay's room first and now they shared it, so Ty said nothing. Instead, Ty climbed up on to his top bunk, dragging his guitar up with him. He began to pick away at random notes and chords, stringing them together.

"Are you listening to me?" Jay asked, sitting on the couch.

"Uh-huh. Sure." He continued to play.

Jay let out a sigh. "You want something to drink?" Jay asked, getting up and heading towards the door, "I'm gonna grab something."

"Uh-huh. Sure."

Jay walked out and Ty set his guitar aside. Leaning against the wall, he closed his eyes. He still had his mind on the new girl, Jessica. She didn't try to socialize at all at lunch, but she was nice enough. Except with Rachel. For some reason, he felt like they absolutely despised each other. But how could that be? They didn't even say anything to each other.

He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something about her disturbed him in a way. Something in her eyes… It was almost like… Fear. It always seemed to be there. Even when she smiled very briefly, there seemed to be a type of panic in her hazel eyes. Like she was afraid of being trapped or hurt somehow.

Ty was shaken out of his reveries when Jay reentered the room. His face and part of his shirt was sticky and wet. He had two sodas in his hands. One was open, the other closed.

"What happened to you?" Ty asked, jumping off the bed and taking his soda from Jay.


Ty laughed. "What'd she do this time?"

"She shook up the sodas. So when I opened mine…" Jay let the sentence trail off. It was silent for a moment as they both sank on to the couch. "I forgot to ask, who was that girl you were talking to this morning?"

"Jessica Baldwin. She just moved here. She's in my English class."

Jay nodded and flicked on the T.V. without another word. Ty allowed his mind to focus on the extreme sports program on T.V. and drift away from his thoughts of Jessica.

Ty plugged his electric guitar into the amplifier on the stage. The back-up guitarist and back-up singer, Kacie, was tuning her own guitar up. Adam was tapping lightly on the drums, waiting for them to be ready. Their band, Last in Line, was playing at the coffee house in town.

When Kacie had plugged in and nodded that she was ready, Adam started playing the opening drum part to their newest song. Kacie and Ty entered, their chords harmonizing with one another. Just as Ty was about to start singing, he saw Jessica at the counter, grabbing a coffee and then heading for the door.

"When I woke up this morning

I did not want to face the day.

Parents and chores, schools and then homework,

What more do I have to say?

But then I thought of you

And suddenly the day before me

Seemed so much brighter.

Your eyes help me

To get through every day.

And when you smile,

It takes my pain away.

And the simple thought of you,

Helps me to sleep at night."

As Ty sang, Kacie singing harmony, Jessica stopped and looked up. She stood by the door, seeming to try to decide between leaving and staying.

"Last night I couldn't sleep.

Nightmares kept interrupting my dreams.

I couldn't clear my mind

Of the worries from the day."

Jessica started to wander to an empty table. The band's music wrapped around her, drawing her in. She couldn't seem to leave.

"But thinking Of seeing you made me smile

And I let you fill my dreams."

Jessica sat down, sipping on her coffee, her eyes glued to the stage. Her foot started to tap, and she started to become lost in the music.

"Your eyes help me

To get through every day.

And when you smile,

It takes my pain away.

And the simple thought of you,

Helps me to sleep at night.

Your eyes help me

To get through every day.

And helps me to sleep at night.

Helps me to sleep at night."

As the band finished, the audience applauded and Ty gestured to Adam and Kacie that he was going to take a quick break. They nodded and prepared to play Kacie's solo song. Ty placed his guitar in its stand and hopped off the stage. Jessica was getting up to leave.

"Hey! Jessie!" Ty called.

She looked over. "Oh, hey Ty. You guys sounded really good up there."

"Thanks." It was obvious that she wanted to leave. She continued to glance at the door with that fear in her eyes, almost like she was looking for an escape route. "You got somewhere to go?"

She shook her head. "Not really. I was just gonna head home."

"You drive?"

"No. I walked down here. I was gonna walk home too."

He looked at her in surprise. "Where do you live?"

"Dalton Point."

"You were going to walk all that way? That's nearly three miles. And it's getting dark!"

Jessica shrugged.

"Why don't you hang around here for a while? We'll be done in a little over an hour and I can give you a ride."

She looked at the door again. "Well… I don't want to be a problem or anything. And it's not that far…"

"Don't be silly," he said grabbing her gently by the arm to lead her back to the table. He felt her stiffen and flinch slightly. He released his grip and sat opposite her. "You won't be a problem. It's on my way anyways."

She nodded. "You should probably get back on stage," she told him with a smirk, "Your band members are looking kind of desperate."

Ty looked up at the stage. Kacie and Adam were gesturing at him frantically. They had finished the song over a minute ago and had been waiting for him to play the next song. With a smile at Jessica, he hopped back up onto the stage, picked up his guitar, and began the next song.

"I didn't know you had a band," Jess said as Ty climbed into the car.

Ty nodded. "We've been together about a year."

"What's your guys' name? I missed that."

"Last in Line," he replied, starting the car.

"Did you guys write those songs?"

He nodded. "Most of them." They drove in almost total silence until they reached Jess's road. "Which one's yours?"

She pointed up ahead. "The one with the white truck in the driveway."

Ty pulled up in front of the two-story brick house. Jess glanced at the house and then turned to Ty. The fear in her eyes seemed even stronger.

"Um, thanks for the ride," she said, opening the car door.

"No problem." Ty watched until she opened the front door, then drove away.

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