-My year away-

I don´t want to think about summer

don´t want to think about time

for the first time in my life I don´t want to plan a thing

just go with the flow, living day to day

weeks go by and I don´t really notice

it doesn´t go fast

it doesn´t go slow

some days are good, some not so good

I stopped, reflected on what I´d done in the last three weeks

it´s alot but it doesn´t feel like it.. lots of small things building up to something great

that is what this year has been

a bunch of little events that make up this big year

the year I went away

the year where in summer I went back

for the first

the first time I went back to a place I´d been before

that seems so strange

I´ve moved so much but I´d never moved back

it´ll probably be harder

cuase I know what´s there

it´s not an expedition but a rediscovery..