Written by: DearX (originally named as Sorceress Lixing)

People don't know you but they hate you jus the same, this is the realm of never ending pain. A figure of darkness face as pale as white, with crimson eyes that pierces through you like death pulling you closer.

The scent of blood and decay escapes the corpse. A promise yet to be broken. Once again someone shouts out "I love you, my heart." Are hearts meant to lie? Never say I love you for this shall never be true nor will it last.

Pain. Pain is all I feel from you. Never say so if you'll never be there nor if you really mean it. You say your sorry but does it really mean from the heart?

I hate you! I hate you I say… crying myself to sleep at night…words cant express…now heated and irritated by you. By seeing you with another girl. Then tell me…does she really love you like I do? Traitor!. A vow broken, promises that bind us now, break the threads of fate between us and leave me be.

Good bye of unspoken hidden love. Squeeze my heart, break it if you will but my spirit stands tall besides me. Death sings, it spreaks through me…

Now broken and bleeding…pleading…