In the times we spend finding ourselves, we delve too deep into the void of logical thought. While we assume to know what our purpose is, we forget that our simple purpose is to exist. In the mundane image of realising a life is nothing but an existence, we forget our true purpose. In the endless evolution of the human species, we have only come so far as to complicate our own perceptions of this simple question. As we resort to religion, higher purpose, the meaning of life, souly to justify the absolute lack of answers which our hearts truly crave. Why do we love? Why do we hate? How can one justify vengeance, or the notion of a contemptuous being? Such contradicts the survival of a species. With such discontent we search for answers. Again, we delve deep into that void, we make the mistake of thinking. We believe we can utilise our ever evolving minds into resolve. But we end up on the carousel of life, when all along our true purpose resides unused, diminishing, and crying. Some of us are privileged with the opportunity to see the truth of life, most remain in the dark place of reality. Sharing a life, giving birth, fathering a child, showing compassion and kindness to a complete stranger, we find ourselves ignoring the greatest absolving pleasures any person can experience. Our world is now corrupt. Any improvement is only seen by the naive, on a grander scale that is. But all that matters to us is ourselves. How we choose to live, how we choose to love. The tragic irony being, lose the mind, follow your heart, and find yourself on the road less traveled. As is with everything, when an area becomes crowded, it's reduced to mediocrity. I'm not arguing. I can see the beacons at the end of the road, I just need to remove my wheels from these pot holes.

With the realisation of life,
we find a truth we refuse to see.
The human mind incapable of happiness,
believing nothing good to come of this.

Disregard the mind,
your heart, your guide.
In this truth you'll find,
that happiness you can reside.