Snow flakes fall by the wayside

In front of these old brick buildings

Dark reds overlapping with the occasional black and dark brown

Intermittent windows with black outlining

Waiting to be painted a lighter hue

Wrenched branches reach out in all directions

Growing up was hard between two brick walls

Snow flakes falling, much too many to count

To a greener pasture so close yet so far

Beyond the sea of black with shiny interludes

Reds, greens and blues puttering by

With no apparent direction in life

Walking back and forth at all hours of the day

Does it all really matter?

Falling faster a light dusting of snow covers all

Walking along this cement path

Hard and cold with grassy intruders

Cracked and broken but no one's there to fix it

Old messages sealed in time

Will be here in the future for all to read

The straight path was never the easiest

Snow covered shoes as I walk it gets higher

My toes are wet for I forgot to wear socks

Cold wet ankles, these pants were always too short

The island of peace and solitude with one lonely tree

Surrounded by stone and confined within

Growing upwards towards the sky and beyond

The sun can always reach down from above

Snow is everywhere as far as the eye can see

A blanket of pure white

An icy vengeful nightmare

Slipping and sliding I fall to the ground

Covered in snow

The ground is so hard

I lye on the ground and stare at the sky

Snow drifting down upon me

My ears are red, it's very cold

No longer can I even feel my feet

I can see my breath as it freezes in the air

Perhaps a snow angel to pass the time

Yes I do believe that is a good idea

I think the snow should stop soon

This blanket of snow is warm

I can barley see the sky

The snow has covered my angel

It's too cold to play, maybe tomorrow if it's warmer

Time to rest, a nap sounds good

I think my face is blue

One last breathe, I can see it freeze

Boy that looks like fun