Round and round

A never-ending circle

Waves lapping on the rocks

I went out there to think

But I would never return

I sat alone crying

Softly talking to myself

The salt air was heavy

With the scent of oranges

A whisper in the dark

"Child, don't cry

For it will all be over soon"

I felt no pain as an invisible knife

Entered my back

Driven by the hands of my friend

I walked back to home

An empty shell

Of my former self

She wouldn't talk to me

The next day

Though I didn't try

I knew that if I did

It would just be

Waves lapping on the rocks

Never ending

She never knew

How much it hurt

To see her so happy

When I was so sad

A never-ending circle

Was broken in the night

Where the scent of oranges

Fill the air