When I'm Gone

When I'm gone,

The wind and ashes,

Scatter me over,

The lush land.

When I'm gone,

The earth will quiver,

In unheard of fear.

When I'm gone,

The clouds will cry,

For their deep held loss.

When I'm gone,

The sky will break,

With the crux,

Long removed.

When I'm gone,

Lightning strikes,

And thunder breaks,

It sturdy thread.

When I'm gone,

The sea will rise,

And Roar over the land,

For rage.

When I'm gone,

The air will withdraw,

From my withered lungs.

But when I'm gone,

I feel the most remorse,

For the one who sat beside me,


-Rachel Morgan

A/N this one speaks for itself, I think. I won't try explaining it to you. If you find a different meaning (which I can't see, honest.) then you can interpret it as that. Anyways, please review, this one was more a musing than anything for me. But it will be consider for my booklet. Please say if it would belong in one! Thankyou, everyone!