About Me

Every morning,

At half-past five.

I crawl out of bed,

With blurry eyes.

I slide to the sink,

Power up the lights,

And calculate the sleep ,

That I got the past night.

I take a hot shower,

Then put in my "eyes".

I stumble on the cat,

Which jumps in surprise.

I cook up a breakfast,

That sometimes has eggs.

While my cat waits for food,

and then starts to beg.

I feed the cat,

While I think about lunch,

and put it together,

as the cat eats with a "crunch"

By now my dads up,

My brother has eaten too.

We all grab our jackets,

And tie up our shoes.

We clean off the car,

As much as we can ,

And start up the engine,

To warm up the fan.

On the way down to school,

I lay back my head,

And think of the cat,

That sleeps on my bed!