Indoor tanning

Indoor tanning has grown more and more popular, due to 'hot' celebrities tanned bodies. This is pretty much stereotyping. Not every one's skin can handle tanning like they can. Indoor tanning can severely damage your skin. This because the skin produces extra pigment to protect itself from the harmful ultraviolet rays that these indoor tanning beds emit. Indoor tanning products have become very suspicious-sounding, for they often use false advertising, such as "No burning, no drying, and no sun damage" Now, doesn't that sound fishy? Well, "No sun damage" is a given, for this device obviously is not the sun, but no burning? Come on, if you can burn in the sun that is at a distance of about 150 million kilometers, you are almost definitely going to burn from a ultraviolet light, positioned less than a meter away from your skin! Anyways, you shouldn't be so shallow to actually care what color your skin is. That is just plain stupid. Instead of spending all that money on going to the tanning salon, you could buy a whole bunch of seeds to plant in your garden that you could look after and get a tan while you are outside gardening. Anyways, who wants to spend 25 minutes in a tanning bed, when they could be at the beach having fun with friends playing beach ball and what not.