How Would You Love Me?

How would you love me

If I consented

How would you treasure me

If I allowed it

Would you woo me with red roses

Have me ride in a horse-drawn carriage

Sing me a love song

Write me a sonnet

Paint me my portrait

Shower me with diamonds

Call upon me frequently

Play a lover's melody

Say I'm beautiful

Quote my name

Wait upon me

Hand and foot

Let me be as wild and free

As I please

Hold my hand while walking

Towards a sunset

Let me cry upon your shoulder

Hold me in your embrace

Kiss the throne

Upon which I sit

Live to see

The sparkle

In my eyes

Give anything

To make me smile once more

Or would you, simply

Let it show

In your whiskey eyes

Your undying devotion

To yours truly

A love that only comes

Once upon a time

And always ends

Happily ever after…

How would you love me?