A/N: Yay! Chapter 2! (Still need a name for the story though...)


Mosira continued running, even when it became painful for her to breathe, even when she felt her legs would drop off from sheer exhaustion. The Emperial Rangers were still after her, despite her efforts to throw them off her trail. She risked a look behind her, and promptly ran into a tree. Mosira slumped down at the base of the tree, unconscious.

Jack ran as well, trying to get as far away from the port as possible. Spying a seemingly unattended horse tethered to a tree, Jack untied it, mounted, and galloped into the forest. After a few miles, though, the trail became too hard on the horse and Jack was forced to abandon it.
He didn't know why he ran from the city, truthfully, but Jack had convinced himself that the city guards were coming after him. The underbrush pulled at his legs and feet, seeming to grab at his ankles in a half-hearted attempt to stop his mad dash through the forest.
At one point during Jack's run, he tripped over a large, soft. Object. Thinking it was a large tree root, Jack turned around to curse it for tripping him. To his surprise, it was not a tree root that had tripped him but a girl—who appeared to be about his age.
Hearing the snap of a twig nearby, Jack picked the girl up, gathered her into his arms, and set about looking for a place to hide them both.
Looking up to the sky to determine the time, jack saw that the suns were setting. Realizing how tired he was, Jack gently put the girl down, and lay on the moss to rest.