Broken Toys

We believe in fate

Love at first sight

Friendships that last

Through darkness

And the light

A drooping willow tree

Rustling leaves

Reminding us dearly

Of every breath

We breathed

Now time is short

Things don't last

Our toys get broken

Bedrooms hold memories

Of the past

Lives are forgotten

Stuffed animals aside

Love letters

Lost In

The whirling tide

In desolate hallways

Echos cascade

Where we used to run

Laugh, shout

And play

Tatty notebooks

Pencils and pens

Scrawled inky names

Of our long

Missed friends

Hang up that school tie

Tie it in knots

Fumble through drawers

Of a time

We all forgot

Skipping ropes abandoned

Schoolyard alone

There's always a voice

At the end

Of the phone

A cherished listening ear

When I am in need

Somebody there

Who's not shy of

A good deed

My soul is always open

My heart is there too

Tears of a bad time

Times you've both

Helped me through

All those fading letters

Of poems passed

Elegant words

I know will never

Manage to last

One day they will vanish

Away on the breeze

Finding their shelter

Under that

Willow tree

But these words are spoken

Right there from my heart

That spot in the middle

That never wants

To be apart

So hang up that school tie

Give me your hand

As we walk together

Across the

Warm sand

These are the memories

We'll keep to ourselves

Placing them high

On those far

Dusty shelves

Pull them down when we need them

Whenever we're alone

Those happy memories

Of a deep friendship

We've known...

(Dedicated to Danny and Sid...Luff you always guys xXx)