Today in English we had a nice little talk about how we would like to meet our true loves and what circumstances it would be under. Well I guess this is mine:

It would have probably have been the worst day of my life even though it was on my eighteenth birthday. I got an F on a test forgot my homework and my car broke down in a rain storm. The only thing lucky that happened that day would have been the lights I saw only a little ways down the way. My eyes caught by the beautiful lights of a Ferris wheel. A safety hazard waiting to happen. But when I got there, there was pretty much everybody there. The whole place was covered by a tent except for the beautiful ferris wheel. At first I was going to ask for some help from someone, but I just wanted to go on the ferris once before I had to go back to boring life as a student at college.

I would walk up and this old greasy guy with no teeth would give me the look up and down. He would smile a gummy smile and pull up the bar for me. Giving me the complete creeps but still earning a smile for his very nice, if not perverted gesture and I would sit down. The cold would hit me like sheets of soothing rocks. And wash away all my worries and then a jolt from the seat would shake me from my free spirit. I would look to see what happened and he would be sitting there. The man I detest most in life. But not able to resist thinking how hot he was in the rain.

"Hey Candace." He would say and I would cringe in disgust but something would go against me and make me all warm in fuzzy inside when he closed us in too the chair and told the guy to start it up. It would go up and I would be stuck.

"Why didn't you just pick another seat." I would nag and he would just smile, look up into the air, and smile. Then I would feel myself, despite my act, smile.

I would watch him as he experienced what I just had and I would join him with my face up like a turkey. The rain would splatter on my eyelids and the rest of my face and body. My teeth enjoying it too when my face is split in a full tooth grin. Then the rains would hit my suddenly hot cheeks knowing that he was staring at me. I would open my eyes and meet his in an awkward way before he turned back to the sky as if nothing even happened. I would do the same.

Then I would feel a jerk like the one that had begun this awkward trip around this kiddy ride. But when I would open my eyes every star in the sky would shine through the rain that caressed my features and then when I looked down I would see straight to the bottom of the wheel.

We would be all the way at the top. "Um if you would please remain calm. We will have this ride working in about forty five minutes. Please remain calm." That is what I hoped he said actually. I couldn't hear the man over the nervous pounding in ,y head as the guy grabbed my hand.

"Are you afraid of heights?" I would ask and would be answered by the terrified look on his face as he looked down. I cracked up at the sight of Mr. Wanna be macho scared out of his wits by a simple twenty feet between us and the ground.

"What is so funny? i am scared here and you have a laughing fit at my expense. That is not very nice!" He would yell, but with a kind of peculiar smile on his face. One mixed with a complete terror that made me laugh even more.

But I would look back and he would be actually offended and I would feel surprisingly really bad. "If your that scared don't look at the ground." I told him, but then he shook his head, and closed his eyes. He took a deep breathe to calm his nerves. "I'm not terrified of that." He would say and he would actually look at me sincerely for the first time in our whole time knowing each other. And something shot through my body that would make my body petrified. What was he afraid?

"Okay maybe a little." He would joke obviously trying to put me at ease, but it didn't work because we were still looking at each other's eyes. "What really scares me is that..." He begun his sentence at exact same time the lights went off on the Ferris wheel. Sending us into total darkness. Now it was my turn to be petrified. I would cling to him for dear life, making sure he was still there.

"Are you afraid of the dark?" He would ask and I would nod into his chest, telling the truth. But unlike me he wouldn't laugh, he would wrap his arms around me and hold me closer to him. My body warm from his touch and my heart beat faster with his breathe on my ear.

"Well it's kind of ironic that your fear erases mine, I can't see the ground so I'm not scared anymore." His voice wouldn't be as condescended as I thought it was going to be. He would just hold me closer. "Thank god for small favors." I would say sarcastically. But he lifted up my chin and nodded from what I could see. "Yeah."

That's when our lips would touch each other's in my first kiss on top of a ferris wheel on a stormy night, and at the top of the world. It would be sweet, gentle, and innocent, but not too innocent, wink, wink.

We would hold there for moments that we would hold in our lips forever. Our own little secret world only released with our kiss. every kiss we would return to a cold seat on top of the ferris wheel, rain splashing our heads and darkness surrounding us. That time would be immortal in our hearts.

The lights would come on after only a few moments, but we wouldn't care. We would still connect our souls with each other's lips. Never wanting to let go. But when we reached the bottom we knew we had to get off the ferris wheel and face the crowd that would certainly be watching us. When we came to and separated we wobbled off the ferris wheel. Our legs asleep from being on their, and in total bliss for a dangerous amount of time.

First we would blush, then we would smile and then we would grasp each other's hands and walk off together. But first I would smile at the old man who opened the seat for me, and listen to two teens yell at him for the fact he had not stopped it at the right time for the couple, but he winked at me as if he didn't do it as an accident. I would wave with my free hand and walk away with my old enemy. His arm around mine as we try to ditch the tents and escape into the rain.

He would walk me to my car and fix and shut the hood. Once the four runner was in working condition we stood there in an awkward questioning silence. I would be thinking should I kiss him? and he would be asking the same thing. But then he would finally kiss me on my cheek and I would be completely content with getting in my car and driving away. Watching him disappear.

And when he did and the rain was the only thing that kept me company that would be when the anxious thoughts would hit my heart. I would think he was just some regular guy waiting to use me, but unlike any other guy I had met I would only turn on the radio to run them out of my mind and heart, and have my favorite love song magically pop up on the station.

"Breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep, This air is blessed you share with me..." And I would smile all the way home thinking of the kiss in my head, and to think how we both erased each other's fears, and how we would do that for the rest of our lives.

God if that would happen to me, I knew it would be an illusion..."