Let's take a vacation

To the American island

Don't worry no one lives here


You see they've all been


It's our home now

Let's take all we can

See here you'll forget

Where your ancestors came from

And our names

Will have to go

Lose the accents

And most of our traditions

To fit in the melting pot

Filled with a gray porridge

But if you don't change

To fit in the gruel

Oh the names they will say

And the words that they'll use

Micks, Guidos, Krauts,

Kikes, Polacks, Niggers,

Spics, Fags, White-trash,

Chincs, Gooks, and even


Yes'sir this is a land

Where everyone is different

But we're working on it

Soon we'll all blend in

No identity…

No past…

Just American…

How does that sound to you?