Special Sister

I reminisce about the times we spent playing

I reminisce about the times we spent arguing

I never really meant the hurtful words I spoke

I realize today with out you I'm totally broke

With you gone I can now see

That you mean the world and more to me

Even though today you're far away

I feel close to you on your special day

You're my inspiration

You showed me not everything is a delusion

On your birthday, you might feel extra special

But to me you're pretty special every day.

Memories of you bring into my life the bright sunshine rays

You many not know but you're my forever bestfriend

I'll be there for you always just like a circle has no end

May every wish in your heart today

Come true for you in a fantastic way

These are the wishes this poem brings on your birthday for you

Hoping that your future is packed with happiness, success and love too