Chapter 1:

Kaji Ky let herself be guided by the demons who held the ropes that dragged her. Her hair was pale from her lack of feeding. Her body was too skinny but she had feed before she was forced down here. Her body was still strong yet not as strong as it could have been. Demons lined the streets as she was forced through the nine circles of hell. The second circle was stocked with demons of all kinds. Most were dressed proper like human nobles. Others were dressed with some lower class. There was a child that had fox ears and hid in a door way. Its eyes were full of wonder and it had some human innocence in it. Kaji Ky smiled at the child and the child waved back smiling slightly. The child was suddenly hit from behind from a older demon. Kaji snarled to her self before stopping dead in the street. The creatures the demons rode on reared up making them fall onto the street. Kaji pulled the cuffs that held her close to her till the rope touched only an inch away form her face. Then moving quickly she snapped the ropes by bitting down with her teeth. She then leaped to where the child was who shrank back from another blow. Kaji caught the demon's arm as it almost hit the child. The child and demon stared at Kaji as she slowly released the demon man's arm.

"What has the child done to you beside be half human that you should beat it." The demon look astonished at what Kaji had said. Kaji then turned to the child and reached out a hand. "Where I'm going isn't where a child should be but you can come if you want." Kaji said. The demon stared at Kaji then at the child.

"If you go you might not see your parents, they might never come back for you if you turn you back on the only family that would take care of you." The demon man said his voice had fear in it as the child stared at Kaji's hand.

"It's your choice kid I cant make it for you, and I cant wait for you forever." Kaji said she then smiled slightly and began to walk back towards the road where the demon guards waited nervously. Kaji shook her head turning her back on the child. Suddenly Kaji felt a little hand holding tight onto hers as she walked back. Kaji smiled and picked up the little halfling into her arms. The demon who hit the child screamed after them running towards Kaji. Kaji turned to face the demon and put up her hand. The demon continued to run until he hit into Kaji's hand. Kaji said nothing still holding the child in her other hand. Suddenly The demon jumped back as if it was burnt.

"Go away uncle." the child said anger filling his voice. "If I see you again I'll kill you." The demon turned running as Kaji turned around. The demon guards this time put chains in Kaji's cuffs. The demon guards then tried to take the child from Kaji but were met with a crack in the chains. It was then setteled as Kaji was lead carring a male halfling with her to hell's dungeon.