Chapter 6

Kaji Ky stared at the angel that was tied to chains against the wall in her cave. Carefully she moved towards him staring at him examining his drying clothing that was still damp from the following night's rain. Biting her lip she cursed and turned quickly beginning to exit before she turned back and stared at the angel's bloody clothes and open stab were she had stabbed him. She cursed again before ripping her shirt. Then ripping the section into strips bandaged the wounded angel. Then checking the angel's bonds quickly exited the cave.

Kaji Ky opened her eyes and stared at the sleeping child that lay on her lap. Kaji smiled and cracked her neck before carefully moving the child gently onto the ground allowing her to stand and stretch.

'So much for keeping a watch.' Kaji said to herself when she heard foot steps coming from the corridor. Kaji quickly stomped onto the bloody engravement that she and the child had created, so it was only a imprint. The door opened and Kaji raised her eyes tilting her head slightly.

The guard nodded to her. Before saying

"Lord Gaap wants to talk to you." Kaji frowned and walked toward the guard.

"Why not try to have a voice that will be considerate for the sleeping next time demon." The guard gritted his teeth as Kaji walked past him into the custity of other demons who waited to bring her to their lord's courts.

The courts were empty of everyone this time and even the guards were uncomfortable now. They left eagerly when dismissed till only Kaji and the Lord Gaap were left. He stared at her as she stood unmoving in the center of the room. Then he stood and walked towards her.

"The blood of the humans brought you down here, would you not like revenge on the heavenly army that has brought you down here to save there preasious human pets." Kaji said nothing but slowly began to crack her knuckels slowly. The crack made Gaap clench his teeth at each sound. Finally Kaji stared at him.

"What is it you propose, Demon?" Kaji asked her voice sounding with disgust. Gaap smiled and turned to where his throne sat beside it sat a chair not as decorated but highly detailed. On the cusion of the chair sat a crown that had a feminine look to it.

"Become the queen of this circle of hell, you could rule it with me, only bowing to our lord and great leader Lusifer." Kaji walked toward the throne and crown and rubbed her finger across the items lightly.

"And I suppose all I would have to do is to bed with you and become the woman of you bed." Gaap smiled broadly, allowing his teeth to barely show, nodding at her question. "And I suppose you would also give me the blood of the torchered souls that reside in hell being torchered any where the demons pleased." The time Gaap bowed before Kaji and replied smoothly,

"But of course, as much blood as your greedy little heart could wish for." Kaji smiled at Gaap as he walked toward Kaji. Kaji turned away as Gaap's hand started to touch her. As Gaap's hand began to reach towards her breast Kaji shook her head and quickly grabbed the demon's hand and twisted it round until she heard a crack that caused the demon to whimper in pain.

"Lets get one thing straight shall we," Kaji said turning to face the demon still holding his broken arm in the position it snapped at. "I don't approve of the halfbreedings of vampire to demon that is something that should never be, First of all becasue I detest demons, second I don't like you, and I wont try to back out of my punishment to become a bitch of a demon, That would become worse than death, and to tell you the truth I really wouldnt mind dieing if I wouldnt have to see you again." Gaap flinched clenching his teeth in pain. "Well then i think we've come to an understanding than." Kaji said releasing the Demon's broken arm. The demon grabbed his arm holding it as Kaji walked away calling for the guard to take her away.

"You think that now vampire whore, but soon enough you'll beg me to have the thone that is next to me, but the only place you'll find sutible in this place is in my bed.

Kaji walked into the prison door to find the child jump on her and hold her tight.

"I thought, i thought.. that that left me..." The young Kitsune choaked as tears poured down his red cheeks. Kaji held the demon and stared at his fear striken eyes.

"Don't fear little tot." Kaji said comfertingly. "I brought you here, invited you, i wont be one to leave you if I go, you'll be the first one to come with me." Kaji smiled at the kid as he smiled back happily, tears still coming down off his then twitched feeling a feeling she had long since forgotten. What was this feeling, and then it came to her, as quick as a frieght train flys down a set of tracks. Blood Lust.