Waiting for the Telephone to Ring

Waiting for the telephone to ring

So that you can tell me again

That you need some

Time alone

Push my hair out of your eyes

So that you are able to see again

Without my image clouding

Your view

Cover your ears with your palms

So that you needn't hear me again

My voice will never utter

A syllable

Wipe your mouth with your sleeve

So that you can taste life again

Without my flavour on

Your lips

Cleanse your soft sweet skin

So that you can feel the world again

My touch will linger

And fade

Block your nose with flowers

So that you can breathe nature again

Without my scent masking

The wild

Brush our love from the bed

So that you can sleep alone again

My presence will

Slowly vanish

Waiting for the telephone to ring

So I can pledge my love again

And promise that I'll always

Be here