Monologue of the Violent Soul

Go ahead, take your best shot
I'm ready, I'm used to it
Fire at will commander
I might want to smash your face into cement
Until it's a bloody mess
Until you cry
Until you suffer
But for now, I'm your pawn
Right in your face
A perfect chance for you
To show just how hip you are
To make yourself feel better
You're lucky I practice self-control
Or the nearest object would meet your skull
And down you go
But here I am. I do nothing
You go away satisfied
Oh yeah, you're a real tough guy
Toughest of the tough. It's funny to you
Would it be funny if I took my foot and crushed your neck with it?
Haha. Is it funny now?
Are you happy now?
Are you cool now?
Come on, the book is waitingFor your answer
Or the pipe
Or the stairs
Whatever is available. It has your name on it
Careful, freaks are known to go nuts
Maybe on you
Maybe on someone else
Just watch yourself tough guy
Your next laugh could be your last