Chapter one

I wasn't always a vampire as I have explained in the beginning. No I myself was once a mortal man, well first a mortal boy than a man, you know what I mean. And no my name was not always Bade. It was originally Keagan which in Celtic mean "Son of Eagan/Fiery."

Yes I know that used to be my name, I hated it, trust me. But I was really alive back a hundred years ago, and people didn't give a flying fuck about what your name meant. Now I'm not quite sure?

Anyway like I was saying Keagan used to be my name until the middle ages when my master left me to fend for myself. It was than that I decided to change my name to something that fitted me more. And that name was . . . BADE! Yes Bade it suited me so well and still does don't you think? But I chose the name because of what I was. A blood sucker. One that walks among the shadows of the fair night and the ever lasting silver rays of Selene herself. But even than I was still a young fledgling that was just starting out on his own.


I was now on my own and I had to fend for myself. That meant getting away from vampire hunters before they were able to take a "swing" at me and cut off my head or stab me in the chest with a wooden stake. But of course that never works.


But yes I had to run away from vampire hunters, other vampire covens that called one place their hunting ground. And of course being as new to the black blood as I was, I had to obey that. I hated being a vampire . . . there was no one around. My master had left me and I knew he left me for dead. I knew that he wanted no more to do with me. I had no one signal person in my life to share it with. I bedded young mortal women and males, than sucked them dry of their beautiful rich tasting blood. I thought I would forever be alone.

That was until I met him.

It was a dark night in the streets of Venice. Lanterns were being turned down, all their was the candle light in windows of houses' and the public brothels. It was around midnight and I had just had my fill for the evening and was heading back to my resting place. That was until I heard a scream. Curious as to what it was I took off in the direction of the scream. And that's where I found him, the most gorgeous man I've ever seen.

He had light blonde hair that sent to his shoulders and was tied back in a pony tail just below his neck. He an all black suit, which by the way looked expensive had to be loaded, he had flawless skin that my fingers just ached to stroke. That was when I smelled the blood coming off him. Rushing over I kneeled next him and turned him onto his side, and that's where I saw where the scent of blood was coming off him because there deep in his side was a gash. "The attackers must have run off when they heard me coming" I whispered to myself as I picked the young boy up in my arms and even for a vampire I could lift things that were a hundred-time heaver than me, but I still was amazed at how light he was for a mortal.

And I was surprised that I did not leave him there to die. No I stood up with him held tightly in my arms. And took off with lightening speed to my resting place that was an old palazzo not that far out of town. Every window was covered in dark black velvet curtains that hid out the sun in the morning. Walking into my place I headed towards a room that was cross from mine and placed the boy on the bed of red silk. Took off his shirt and started fixing the wound.

That's when it hit me. I had just brought a mortal into my home and was helping dress his wounds. But even was I thought that I still cleans and dressed his wounds till the blood flow stopped and that's when I noticed that the sun was rising. "Shit" I cursed under my breath. I looked at the boy that laid half undressed on my bed. "I guess I'll have to see you tomorrow night, hopefully young mortal you've woken up by then" I walked out of the room was to my own where everything was covered in black. The wall were black, the curtains and the bed sheets.

I didn't bother changing as I fell onto the bed and was asleep just as the sun had poked its head high in the morning sky.

Following night I had awoken and changed into a white blouse and dress pants. I pulled my long black hair a few bangs falling neatly into my brown eyes. Placing a cocky smile on my face, I walked out of my dark room to the one across the hall the one room that held the creature that I couldn't get out of my mind during the while time I was resting. And I was surprised to discover he was yet to wake up.

Mumbling curses under my breath that he may have lost too much blood and could be dying right there on the bed. I walked over and grabbed his shoulders and shook him. Nothing. I felt my eyes twitch in annoyance. "MORTAL WAKE UP THIS MINUTE OR I WILL CONSIDER DRINKING YOU DRY!" I shouted my anger taking over me, I shook him so hard that I could've broken him in half. That seemed to have worked for he started to stir and slowly his eyes opened to reveal beautiful blue like silver eyes that shined with such innocence, which even though he was the most magnificent being I've ever seen, the innocence kind of scared me. "Who . . . who are..You" his voice was slightly shaky but I was able to understand what he was saying just as if he has said it clearly.

"My name is Bade boy. I found you in the street and surprisingly I brought you back to my home and treated your wounds." I stated not one bit of emotions coming to my eyes as I looks upon him. I smelled the fear coming off him and knew that fear was directed at me. "My . . . my . . . my name is Toumas . . . Toumas Abner" he stumbled with his name as he continued to look at me with fear in his eyes. "Greetings Toumas, now there is no need to fear me. I won't harm you UNLESS you try to harm me first" I smirked, but making sure not to show my fangs to him. Didn't want to scare him more than he already was of me.

Toumas slowly nodded. And I saw a bit of the fear disappearing from his eyes, but it was still there. "Thank you . . . for taking care of me Sir Bade" Toumas bowed his head to me which surprised me. This was the first time that anyone, vampire or mortal showed respect to me. I gave him a stiff nod before I pulled up a chair beside the bed and sat down.

"Now Toumas tell me when were you laying on the ground with that wound in your side when I found you?" I asked wanting to know the whole truth of why he was attacked and left to die. "Well . . . I was attacked by my father's men, you see my father never really took that much of a interest in me. No. I was an unwanted child that my mother left with him when she died in child birth. But as my mothers last wishes he took care of me until last night when he found out that I stole some money from him to repay someone. I was getting away with it when a bunch of my father's men surrounded me, their orders to kill me and make it look like an accident. I was knocked out and I woke up here and that's the last I remember of what happened" Toumas explained and I could see the pain in his eyes and he tried hard to keep his tears at bay. I could tell that this was a boy that was taught never to saw such weakness, in or out of people view, he was taught to never show it.

"How old are you boy?"

"I just turn sixteen sir"

Sixteen. What kind of father would allow his sixteen-year-old son roam the streets? Oh yeah a guy whom never cared for his child in the first place. I bet his father even blamed him when his mother died giving birth to him, saying that he killed her. "I see! Well Toumas this will be your new home for the time being, your father thinks you're dead and I think it would be better that way. You may roam the whole palazzo just stay out of my room that is across from your's always knock first. And in the morning I am never around. So every evening I will greet you in the dinning hall is that clear?" I stated in a calm yet commanding voice.

"Yes Sir Bade"

"Good" I stood from the chair and looked out the window the night was still young so I had time to feed but how to get away from the boy. "Sigh..your wound is still yet to heal. I will go into town and get some supplies while you stay here. And I want you to stay in bed until I return" I said walking out of the room before I gave him a chance to reply.

I roamed the town until I found my pray for the night. It was a old business man that was known to kill those whom didn't pay him back or give their daily house taxes. I first stalked him until he was alone and away from his partners and than pounced like a cat would upon a mouse. I bug my fangs into his flesh making sure not to spill a single drop of blood. I drank until I felt the blood warm my skin making me look almost human. I than picked up the body and threw it into one of the water. After all this was Venice. Water was almost everywhere so why not use it. I than searched to the stores that were open for supplies to help Toumas back at the palazzo.

When I got home, I walked to his room to see him laying in bed asleep. I guess he was too tired to wait up for me. Shaking my head to make stop from laughing I placed the supplies on the bed side table and leaned over his frail form. My eyes lingered on his lips and I bent down and touched them softly with my own. I felt him whimper in his sleep so I quickly drew back. But he was yet to awake. Sighing I stroked his hair and than left the room, gently closing the door behind me.

That is when it hit me. Why didn't I just feed on him? Why don't I just kill him? WHY THE HELL DID I JUST KISS HIM? All those question where wringing through my head. And the more I thought the more confused I got. What was with this boy?

A mortal has me wanting to protect him. To care for him. AND I DARE SAY LOVE HIM?!