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Chapter 1:

Ring, Ring, Ring!

"I'm coming, I'm coming," a girl's voice called out. The girl ran to the living room for the phone and picked it up just in time. "Hey…. Yep this is Aiko."

"Aiko, hey, what're you up to?" It was Sarah, her best friend on the line.

"Oh you know, studying," Aiko answered.

"On a Saturday?" Sarah exclaimed.

"Hey you aren't in university, you don't understand. There is no such thing as a Saturday night when you have finals coming up," Aiko said defensively, trying to convince her friend.

"Yeah, well, are you sure that's it. Or is it your parents strict rules?" Sarah knew all about the rules Aiko's parents tried to enforce.

Aiko's parents were strict, preferring to stick to their old Japanese traditions. Although Aiko was adopted, the same traditions applied to her as they did to her younger siblings.

"Look, my parents are paying for my schooling, they let me live at home with no rent or anything, unlike other parents. And all they ask is I do my best in school," Aiko argued.

"Whatever. We're all going out tonight. I want you to come too!" Sarah suggested hopefully.

Aiko chewed on the end of her pencil in indecision. "I don't know. What would I tell them?"

"That you're studying at the University library," Sarah encouraged.

"I don't know…" she hesitated. She thought for a second, and then heard the front door opening. "They're home. I've got to go."

"Wait. Are you coming?"

"Yeah. I'll meet you at the usual place," she said quickly. "Bye."

Her mother suddenly peaked into the living room just as she was hanging up. "Aiko, you aren't wasting your time on the phone are you?" Aiko's mother, Mika Tanaka chided.

"No mother. The phone rang, I answered," Aiko replied, hiding her annoyance.

"Who was it?" her father, Hiroshi Tanaka walked into the room behind her mother.

"Someone trying to sell us long distance," Aiko lied. She stood up and followed her mother and father into the kitchen.

Her mother poured herself a cup of coffee that Aiko had made earlier. It was awfully quiet and Aiko knew why immediately.

"Where are Tora and Ronin?" Her ten year old twin brother and sister.

"They'll be in-" Mika began. But the racket in the living room told them that the twins had arrived.

"Hey sis!" the two called out, reaching the kitchen.

"Hey guys," Aiko replied affectionately. She was 11 years older than them but she still enjoyed hanging out with them, talking to them. At the moment though they weren't in any state to talk. The twins were hyper.

"Aunt Sumi fed them pocky again, didn't she?" Aiko asked. Her parent's nod confirmed her suspicion.

"You know how she likes to spoil those two," her mother said apologetically.

Aiko knew only through observation. Her aunt Sumi, actually great aunt, never spoiled her; she had never accepted Aiko as part of the family because she was adopted and she wasn't of Japanese descent. Her biological parents were Middle Eastern, they had told her.

"Well there's no way I can study in this noise." Aiko covered her ears when Tora swung her little, pink purse hitting the hanging pots. "See? I think I'll drive to the university and study in the library."

"All right. That would be best," her father agreed.

"Good. I'll just get my things and be off," Aiko answered. Though she hated lying, she was quite pleased with herself. Aiko hadn't had a night of fun in awhile. And she intended to enjoy herself.


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