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Chapter 2:

"I know you all feel like you've got it made now, but just because we've made it doesn't mean it's time to slack off." Coach Craig MacTavish of the Edmonton Oilers had just helped his team a playoff spot. They'd just beaten the Vancouver Canauks, 4 to 3. And the team was deliriously happy.

"We're going to work harder than we've ever worked. Early practices, late practices, we'll practice all day if we have to." Many groans were heard at the coach's words. "But for tonight and tonight only I want you all to go out there and celebrate." The groans now turned to whoops of joy.

Coach MacTavish yelled over the cheers, "No alcohol."

And he watched his team rush out of the locker room.

"So where to?" Matthew McKenzie asked his fellow teammates as they walked to the parking lot.

"Jones night club," Jacob Ritter, the 26-year-old star player and town hero answered. "But I'm not sure you'll be allowed in. I mean you are the baby of the team." He joked and laughed along with two other teammates, Tony Nieminen and Hugh Casey who had also piled into the blue car.

"Ha, ha, very funny. I am 21 not 12," Matthew said dryly, crossing his arms over his chest, pouting.

Matthew happened to be the youngest player on the team. He was still a rookie, having been drafted into the NHL two years ago. Now, this 2004-2005 season, he planned to make it his time to shine as a center forward.

Hugh patted him on the shoulder. "We're just kidding Matt." Hugh was almost twice his age at 38, and had already decided that this was to be his final year in the NHL. Luckily he had the chance to go out in a big way and show himself as the best defensemen there is.

"Don't take things too serious, Matt," Tony added in his developing English. Looking back at Matt in the rearview mirror, he smirked at his friend. Tony was the team's goalie and their resident Finn. With his blond hair and boyish, shy smile he was considered quite the eligible bachelor.

Actually with the exception of Jacob, who'd been married for two years, the three of them were considered quite a catch.

"Whatever." Matthew's blue eyes darkened with his brooding. He was only two months younger than Corey Clark, another rookie on the team, but because of Matthew's smooth skin, bright blue eyes, along with his dark brown hair and his overall youthful look, he was dubbed the baby of the team. And his teammates teasing sometimes got on his nerves. "Are we there yet?"

"Turn that frown upside down if you want to attract the ladies," Hugh suggested playfully. "Or the fellows, which ever you prefer." That got a chuckle out of everyone even Matthew, who promptly shoved his teammate and friend.

"Thanks, but I'm fine with the ladies," Matthew finally answered dryly.

"Hey we're here," Jacob announced, pulling into the packed parking lot of Jones.

"Finally," Matthew lamented.

"So are you sure I look all right?" Aiko asked her friends for the hundredth time. "Because I had to grab something really quick so my parents wouldn't get suspicious."

Her three friends eyed her quickly. She was wearing a short jeans skirt, which came to rest above her knees and a black sparkly halter-top, with long black boots.

"You look perfect!" Sarah answered, who herself was wearing a blue tank top and short black skirt, showing off her legs and making her look a little taller than her 5'1" self.

"Now come on, let's get in line," Laila, one of Aiko's good friends answered. Laila was Egyptian and her dark wavy hair and big black eyes along with her tanned skin all showed it.

Laila pulled on Sarah's arm and started running towards the entrance.

"Ok, ok, Lai. I'm coming," Sarah exclaimed. Aiko watched as her exasperated best friend's shoulder length, blond hair blew behind her, as Laila pulled the shorter girl.

The two remaining girls decided to take a slower approach towards the nightclub of choice.

"Lai sure is eager to get in there," Aiko commented, chuckling to herself.

"Well you know, Lai likes clubbing, and we haven't been here before. So, she really wants to check it out," her cousin, Yumi, answered. Her looks showed off her Japanese descent with her dark eyes and long straight hair.

Yumi was a year older than her and was also in university. In fact it was her last year of pre-med. Whereas Yumi knew what she wanted to do, Aiko wasn't quite sure. Though, she was also in premed, at her parent's request.

"I hope it isn't crappy like the last one we went to," Aiko said, as they approached the line. "What was it called? Oh yeah, Tunes Time, or something like that."

Yumi chuckled. "With a lame name like that, I don't know how we ever went."

They reached the line and luckily were standing right behind their other friends.

"Hey!" Laila said excitedly, "Check out those four guys around the front of the line."

Aiko and Yumi leaned to the side to see past the people in line. Aiko looked at the four men, dressed in their finest. They were hot. …and familiar.

She pushed back her curly, black hair out of her eyes to get a better look. "Aren't they from the Edmonton Oilers?" Aiko asked to double check.

"Yep, that they are. Ritter, Nieminen, Casey and McKenzie," Sarah announced proudly.

Out of their foursome, Sarah and Aiko were the two who knew the most about hockey.

"Yeah. They won tonight. I couldn't watch the game, but I heard it was great," Aiko informed them.

"I taped it if you want to watch it," Sarah offered.

"Yeah sure."

Aiko and the group shuffled forward with the line and they watched as the four handsome players were allowed in.

"Aww…" Lai said disappointedly.

"Don't worry Lai, you'll be inside soon enough," Yumi comforted her.

"Maybe," Aiko mumbled seeing how slow the line moved.

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