Deep Greens and Blues

Just after baseball kicks off, we have Spirit week. Its twin (Event week) is in the fall, to raise money for an outside cause. I like Event week, I find most of Spirit week a waste of time. They take an entire day to pick Ms Viking and viKing of the Hill, the guy pageant. Admin decided it was better to have one day of chaos than three days interrupted. I decided I could use my own personal skip day. And alas, when I came back to school on Thursday, I was being summoned to the office. In a last attempt to prank me, Jude had me elected as a candidate in both pageants. Apparently, there is no rule about a girl in the guy's pageant. I only said yes because I was shocked about how many people must have voted for me. Granted my "boyfriend" had the charisma of the lead lemming but still, when it comes to girls and their pageants, they stick like glue to their cliques.

King of the Hill comes first in the week; Koth as I call it, is my only loved part of Spirit week. I'd be running against a lot of my friends and players. The theme for both was 'Names in Lights' and the Koth-direct theme was Headlining Men. I attended the short meeting with my fellow seniors, slapped a few boys for not telling me about Jude's plan and settled in to hear Brandon's info. He wasn't much for crowds but Brandon is a great class president and as president, one of his very important roles was to decide what the senior Koths dressed as. I saw the evil gleam in my friend's eye as he delivered the line.

"News Men" From newsmen, we covered Ron Burgundy (Johnny Gram's personal role model), Tom Brokaw (some hot shot I don't really care about) and Matt Lauer (the funny indie kid Jesse who always gets the underdog vote). Sam Patterson and Mike Verday teamed up to be Chip n' Dale (who host this thing every year) and Luke picked James A. Turrent, editor of our school newspaper. I still didn't know who I could be as I sat and talked with Sabrina during Thursday practice.

"I don't know of anyone good. I'm not supposed to tell but the Freshmen are doing Video Game People,"

"Ha, you could've been Laura Croft then."

"Yeah. HEY JACOB! Open your eyes when you hit pop flies! The Juniors are doing 'we hail from Europe'."

"What is that supposed to mean?" She asked, following a ball through the air with her eyes. "That they get to affect bad accents? Jude really smacks those balls hard, doesn't he?"

"Yeah but that's not what needs improvement. Jeff! Don't let him get away with that! Make him BUNT! Wouldn't it be hilarious if I could go as Joan Rivers? I would so love to do that act." Brina snapped her fingers and stood up on the bleachers.

"That's it!" I stared at her dumbly. "What?" She asked at my incredulous look.

"That was so cliché I could practically see your cogs turning and the light bulb over your head."

"Clichés are fun." She pouted as I scooped up a random ball and pelted it at Ross for letting Jude hit a homer.

"Bunt Jude! Your life may depend on it!" Brina glared at me as I turned back to her. "What? Ross is a catcher. If he can't catch balls that sporadically appear in front of him, I have a major problem." She put a hand on her hip.

"Hypocrite; 'your life depends on it.' And look, he's still not bunting." I faced the field again to see that she was correct.

"Boy! You're life might not matter to you but our relationship better! NOW BUNT!" He stuck his tongue out at me but he bunted. "Now, before clichés, what was your idea?"

"Oh yeah," her face lit up, it scared me a little. "Cojo. You could so totally pull that off. And you could still look pretty, and wear makeup." When I was unresponsive she tried again. "You could get away with glitter and sequins."

"I'm in! Rob! You'd better be able to hold onto a ball on Saturday! You'll help with the suit, right?"

"I've already got stuff planned out. Jude didn't do very well with this. You aren't supposed to enjoy a prank." I looked down to the field where boy in question was hopping about; avoiding the bat Chris was swinging.

"Yeah, well, we always knew he had a few screws that had upside down nuts, wait, Ian, chuck those grounders hard. He needs to learn that baseballs are not the size of bowling balls but they can still hurt!" Sabrina left laughing.

Jude helped me clean up again. He even hopped the fence to collect our roll-aways. We were quiet as I threw the helmets into the bag and put the Gatorade trash in the dumpster. I tried to hide my smile as he automatically took the helmet bag from me and carried it to the shed. I didn't speak until we reached the parking lot.

"I'm gonna use some old chalk and trace the field for our morning practice. I don't want you to party hard tomorrow. Take it easy."

"I'll help you chalk it on Saturday too. You need a ride to Harper's?"

"Yep, we got dinner shift again." I climbed into the now familiar white truck. "Why'd you put me in the pageants?"

"To tell you the truth, Piper had already nominated you. When I said it for Koth, it was such a funny picture for people, they voted."

"I'm dressing up as Cojo." His head whipped around and stared at me. Eventually he laughed and faced the road.

"And that's why they voted for you." His hand clapped my knee gently but rested there for a while. For once, I didn't ask him to move it even though we were alone. Piper threw my skates at me the second I hopped out of the truck. Harper kept throwing winks my way as Jude held open the door for me. Mrs. Neelson put Jude to work on the grill and shoved me into the bathroom to change.

"I get it! I'm late! We're in the weeds! I get it!" Harper poked her head in.

"You changed yet? Mom wants the seniors running while we're in the weeds." I stripped out of my Sofees and threw them at her. She laughed as I grumbled and pulled on my jeans.

"I'll change shirts later. Who's on grill?"

"Mark, Jon, Lisee and Jude."

"I got section A?"

"Yeah," she replied, handing me my tray and apron. "Grab anything to help. Piper and I are doing a Tip Pool, want in?"

"Sure, see you." Work is a lot like practice; I run around, I yell at Jude, I throw things at Jude and Brina stops by to distract me. But I've been working at Harper's since fifteen and I'm senior staff. It's a little more like family than the team. I feel a little more needed as the team has specialty coaches and I'm just their leader. All these thoughts ploinked around in my brain as the waitress-ing high of the night hit me. My old skool skates skidded on the tile floor; I rolled circles around Jude in the kitchen. I threw a tomato in Mark's face (we don't get along) and I didn't spill one drink. We had a lull between the dinner crowd and the teenagers who come to hang out, it was normal break time and I was able to change shirts. Jude fixed me a burger and Mrs. Neelson a shake as I rested on a barstool. Under Harper's hawk eyes, Jude kissed my cheek and took his own break.

When I started taking orders for the chill out kids, Mark and Lisee were the only ones on grill and everyone was using Lisee so the customers wouldn't get mad. Damn. After the third burnt burger, I wasn't surprised when Jake Olsen complained about it. I pointed him towards the kitchen. Mark yelled at me, I ignored him. It's not the waitresses fault the cooking's bad and it's not her fault that she couldn't go to the other cook.

"Is Lisee too busy for another order?" I asked, interrupting his rant about faulty kitchen materials and bad help. When he turned red, I turned away; he really is no fun to tease. For future reference, don't ever ignore an angry chef in a kitchen. I began to say hi to Jude and Brina who were coming in when he dove past me. Mark was knocked out on the tile of the kitchen, Lisee had turned from talking to another waitress through the order window and Jude stood up, checked me over and sat on the counter. He pointed to Mark.

"We should fire him." I shrugged.

"He burns the burgers." Sabrina was in shock. I wasn't quite sure what had happened but I approached Jude carefully. "You good?"

"Me? Yeah." He slipped his arms around me. "You're the one who was at knife point."

"Seriously? I didn't think he had the balls." I felt him shrug.

"Eh, probably didn't but you still don't wave a cleaver around, near a girl's head."

"Ok, Ok, let's get moving." Lisee urged us, seeing our confused customers. Mrs. Neelson sat us down and gave us another milkshake; I think she forgot Jude was diabetic. I swear that lady is gonna make me fat, granted I love her Butterfinger inspired desserts.

We never really hit the weeds with the evening chill kids, they just come to talk and hang out so they're in no hurry for food. I went back to work for fun, skating to all the sit-down tables in the middle covering. A few years ago, Sonic tried to open a new restaurant here but no one would go. Harper's just has something special and local about it. The waitresses aren't yelled at, the atmosphere is relaxed and it's ok if you're a dollar short. As I coasted from the tables, I redirected a little girl and gave an aunt more napkins. Julie Aiken and her boyfriend complemented me on my duel nominations for Koth and Ms. Viking.

"How's our chances for Saturday's game?"

"They're normal. We'll crush 'em. But that's because we're the best. Plus, I finally got Jude to bunt. So, what are we up against tomorrow?" Julie and Cory, her boyfriend are the regular football/ cheerleader pair.

"We have a chance; I'm just sorry you still can't play. Cory thinks we can take on the Juniors this year."

"We're Seniors. Seniors always win powder puff. Plus our Junior class is full of idiots so you girls are gonna do fine." I sensed an 'aw shucks' significant other moment coming on and left them with a smile. Sometimes I wish I were part of a pair like that. As Jude caught my waist and twirled me around on my skates, I realized I was. Even if it was only pretend. I stunned him with a real smile. No more acting. When I make up my mind I go plunging into a thing, so yeah, I wanted a boyfriend. I wanted to be like Julie and Cory or Luke and Sabrina. Maybe it was my hate of being alone that was so much bigger than my hate of Jude that shoved it away. In any case, that night at Harper's I realized I could tolerate and even truly enjoy Jude Carter and it wasn't forced. And I believe that is how I began to fall in love with him.


Things kept me busy. Luke says I've been hanging out with Pegglar too much because shiny things distract me. Brina was ecstatic that Jude and I were officially dating but no one believed us. We had many sleepovers at Sabrina or Luke's house that filled in for a lack of dates. Oh, and baseball kicked into full swing. I had to go to mucho pageant practices and work and team practices and games and somehow, Jude and I never really had another date.

Rehearsals for Koth kept me laughing and Emily Marie became my refuge for Ms Viking. The girls were vicious about their pageant, most snubbed me on the first day. Emily had fallen into the seat next to me. She's sarcastic, funny and smart but she gets distressed about grades. As a junior and recently transferred (and popular) she didn't run in my circles but we hit it off on the first day as we both thought Catie's job was more interesting. We huddled together during practices, making snide comments and laughing cynically. I've never been one for a missed opportunity and I took every chance I could to make her laugh and relax. I recruited Chip and Dale into the 'Chill out Emily Marie' cause and dragged Chip's on/off girlfriend, Catie, along for the ride. She is a genius; she has a lot of classes with Emily but she is a little more outgoing. Catie is a special effects master, she does an awesome fireworks show for Homecoming and has already been offered a job with a touring Broadway Theatre.

Catie and I took Emily Marie shopping for her dress in the pageant. It was an informative experience. We finally found a buttercup yellow dress that would've looked ghastly on anyone else but matched Emily to a tee. The yellow didn't make her look pale and contrasted against her dark brown hair.

"Good God, I feel like Belle in this dress." She said exasperated as she stepped out of the changing room.

"Buy it." Catie snapped.


"If you don't buy that one, we'll have to kill you." I remarked absently. "Now we just have to find you a Beast to be your escort."

"But what if I don't want a Beast?" A faint blush spread over Emily's face. I sighed; I would never be that naturally, soft pretty. Catie met my eyes and laughed, she knew why I was sighing.

"We're just not meant for that are we, Comet?"

"No, but don't you just wish sometimes you could look that delicate?" We both gazed at Emily who was messing with the catch on the back of the dress.

"Never really occurred to me. I'm the behind the scenes type of person."

"So, if you don't want a Beast, who do you want to escort you, Emily?" I asked, bringing her away from the clasp and back into the conversation.

"I dunno, I'm surprised I got voted in to begin with, I think it was Mrs. Thatcher's doing. She and her Advisory class thought I was really nice when I was their teacher cadet so they all voted for me. But now I just don't know…"

"Well, between me and Hallie, we know every boy worth dating." Catie responded confidently. "So I guess what I'm saying is, do you trust us?"


Jude went shopping with me the next day. It was almost normal now, the playful banter was the same but we both could feel the change. It was in the way he kept a hand on my back when we walked and how he glared at guys who checked me out and how I sent death stares to any girl who came too close. We discovered just how much we already knew about each other; favorite drinks, the meanings behind facial expressions and opinions on subjects. That famous guy always said 'know thine enemy as thyself' or something to that extent.

The only issue was we had reached a stand still. We gave off the air of the perfect, always-fated couple, together-at-last but it was still an act, regardless that the whole school was buying it. I still felt like I wanted more. So I took Jude to Party City in the mall. Party City is home to most of my genius plans and the area is somewhat nostalgic and slightly ironic for me to take him there to ask him for a deeper connection after plotting his demise under the same fluorescent lighting. As we wandered the bright store, hand in hand, I tried to think of phrasing yet my mind was furiously playing devil's advocate.


"Hmm?" He turned, neon purple wig and Ozzy glasses adorning his head.

"Look, I know we've pulled off the first stage in our plan."

"Your plan," he interrupted. "You still won't tell me why I have to show that I want to jump you every thirty seconds." I noticed his wording; he didn't say 'act like'. The underlying attraction that he always professed threw me, just as it always did.

"Yeah but I was wondering…since we're 'dating' we have to be faithful…do you wanna, just try being together all the time?" He raised one eyebrow over his Ozzy glasses.

"You mean like, physically?" Jude enjoyed humiliating me at vulnerable times like this and I knew it but I still stomped a foot.

"Dammit, I know you want it too. You can't honestly tell me you hate all that PDA you start around the gang." His sinister leer returned, I had learned it meant he was feeling especially 'excited'…or possibly he was just doing it to piss me off.

"Sexually frustrated much, darling?" I growled, menacing is not a look I do well. "Just what are you proposing, dearest Comet? That we try to do the boyfriend/girlfriend thing for real?" I shrugged, noncommittally and fingered a pair of dark cat ears in my hands. I had half expected Jude to concede but I still got a thrill when he nodded and said "suits me babe." He grabbed a blow up guitar. "It's cause I'm just so damn good lookin', isn't it?" I slipped on the cat ears and placed a small tiara between them before tossing him a sly smirk.

"Honestly Jay, it's that wig. Synthetic purple hair is so …irresistible on such a manly figure as yourself." I gripped his collar, bringing us much closer together.

"Now see here, Princess Sex Kitten, Party City ain't no place for that kind of talk…my truck sitting outside is a completely different story." On our way out he bought the cat ears and tiara, thank God I managed to convince him it truly wasn't the purple getup that turned me on.

We never made it to the truck. Instead, an unlikely pair brought us back to the reality of our new deal. I have to say, Brendan reacted quite well to seeing his favorite little sister being fully French-ed in the glass elevator. Jude probably would've died if Dyana hadn't been there to convince Bren it was a bad idea to kill my boyfriend.

"Fine, but before you two go on anymore dates, he's coming for dinner." Jude looked simply thrilled and I later begged Dyana to attended dinner as a precautionary tactic. She agreed, thoroughly amused. So as we left Brendan and Dyana we headed instead to Dillards.

"Y'know. If I'm eating at your house, you should probably come to mine soon." I paled.

"No fair. You have brothers and a mom. I'll die."

"I only have two brothers and one is half your size and mom is the nicest person on earth. With the possible exception of Emily Marie."

"I thought you had three brothers?"

"Biologically yes, by claim I have two. Do you have your dress for the pageant yet?" he asked, carefully avoiding the topic and eyeing the changing rooms. I modeled the two dressed Sab and I put on hold the week before. Jude liked the emerald halter top with flow-y layers and an open back. He pouted when I came out again, fully dressed.

"Damn all the faulty zipper fantasies ever written about lucky guys and girls in need." He grumbled until I grabbed a glitter sequin green bow tie.

"It's for my Cojo outfit!" I protested.

"Wear it with the cat ears," he suggested as we explored the parking lot.

"Sorry babe, Princess Sex Kitten doesn't wear bow ties." His eyes lit up as we reached the truck. I draped my dress (the emerald one Jude and I liked) on the backseat. He courteously opened my door as I closed the back one. Suddenly I was pinned against the car, Jude's weight resting snuggly against me.

"Just what exactly does Princess Sex Kitten wear?" He questioned, hands on my bare stomach, thumbs tracing circles. My traitorous body leaned into his massaging touch.

"She doesn't wear much at all." I whispered in his ear and caught his mouth in a sweet kiss. This is where I forgot the feud. I let him be the dominant one instead of fighting for it. He cherished me, caressing my body with firm hands. I tilted my head to give him access to my neck as he kissed his way down my jaw and collarbone. Somewhere in there, one of his legs slipped between mine. There was a need to be closer so my hands quit kneading his back and wrapped themselves around his waist, squeezing away the air that had been between us. A car horn beeped and boys from the team whistled at us as they drove past.

"Always knew you were a great batter, Carter!" I blushed a deep red and was frozen in place. Jude tried to check my face but I could see by his tense muscles he was just as embarrassed. I felt dirty, letting us get so carried way in a parking lot for chrissakes. The worst was it was consensual and I wanted it just as much as him. And I began to cry in front of Jude Carter. It was a very rare occurrence but we had made each other cry before, years ago. Then, we were enemies and now we were dating and I had no idea what he would do, it only added to my shame. I saw a blurry, guilty Jude through my welling eyes. Cautiously he set me on the front seat of the truck and climbed in after me. Hooray, get the crazy crying girl out of sight.

"What is it Hallie?" He pulled me closer to wipe away my now dripping tears. My traitorous mouth opened and words came tumbling out.

"I feel like such a slut." I cried, "I teased you, I kissed you, I let you get that carried away in a parking lot." I didn't have to add the other thoughts flickering through my mind. About all the times before when he had accused me of being easy and how now it felt true. I was soaking the shoulder of his shirt but he didn't seem to care.

"Hallie, listen, I'm really sorry, really. Please babe, next time just tell me to stop."

"Stop?" I laughed dryly. "I wanted it as bad as you; the little slut always wants more, doesn't she?" I giggled hysterically. He muffled me by hugging me back to his shoulder. When Jude spoke, his voice was low and hard.

"Can you hear me Hallie?" I nodded. "Good, so listen. First, you are not a slut, you are my girlfriend and that gives you permission to jump me in any parking lot you want to as long as you do it because you want to. Second, I apologize for getting out of hand in a parking lot. Third, all you ever have to do is tell me to stop. Fourth, if anyone ever makes you cry or feel like a slut or upsets you, tell me and I can take care of it." My crying had stopped by I didn't move from his embrace.

"Thank you." I whispered. "I don't know why I've been so bi-polar lately."

"So what do you wanna do now?"

"Could we, could we go by Harper's and grab some food and go to that place you took me the first night?" It was a big favor, I remembered him labeling it as one of his private areas.

"Yeah sounds like a good plan…you wanna bring anyone else?" I shook my head so he got out and walked around to the other side of the truck. He got in but stared straight ahead and I attempted to fix my eyeliner in the rearview mirror.

"I can't believe I cried in front of you." I muttered, more to my reflection than to Jude. "People really will think I'm crazy."

"You're not pregnant are you?" He asked cautiously but I turned to him, shocked.

"You can't honestly be that stupid Jay. You have to have sex to even begin to think in terms of pregnancy…" but I saw a sliver of a smile creeping across his extremely cute face.

The drive to Harper's was quiet except for the Coldplay CD quietly playing. I slid to the middle of the bench seat and rested my head on his shoulder. Crying makes me tired and within seconds I was asleep. When I woke, Jude was gone, the truck was parked and the air conditioning was pointed away from me. I had been gently rested along the seat and before I sat up, I realized I could hear voices over Coldplay.

"Thanks Harper…we're gonna go watch a movie but got hungry first."

"No big. So, where is Comet?"

"Sleeping, she was outta it as soon as we hit the road." I head feet shuffle, it had to be Harper because Jude always stands solidly.

"Be careful, you know how she is in her sleep…" Please, they acted as if it was some big secret; I always act a bit weird during my sleep, especially that period before being completely awake or asleep. Sleep drunk, the only kind I get. I could almost see the smile in his reply.

"Yeah, I know how she is."

"I dunno how you did it, waiting this long. I mean Jesus, you made her hate you." Harper was a great person to talk to, she kept her mouth shut and I figured this was one of those times. Was he really just playing? It was all a massive joke? Instead, his voice held an embarrassed tone.

"Yeah Harp, 'cause teen boys are just brilliant… it was the only way."

"Well, you certainly proved all those clichés. Boys pester their crushes, enemies become lovers, and that all that malice was really just true love…" He was blushing now, I was positive and Harper would most likely be grinning, egging him on.

"Think what you want, Harp, think what you want. See you around." I could hear feet shuffling; obviously she was giving one of her customary hugs.

"Go wake up sleepyhead, say hi for me." And I could hear her run back to the building. The driver's door opened and I pretended to wake as he lifted my head from his seat.

"Food!" I said as he handed the bag to me.

"Piper made you one of her milkshakes; moose tracks and Reese's cups I think." Piper's milkshakes are more like ice cream that's been thoroughly kneaded. She has a fondness for candy bars…and it really benefits me. The ice cream she scoops and pound until it's softer and smoother yet still substantial…not soft serve. She calls them 'milkshakes' so she can fill a whole cup with the stuff. They are such a sugar rush. "Feelin' better?" Jude asked as I scooped the sugary goodness into my mouth. Again I was reminded of his diabetes.

"What can you eat?"

"What do you mean, Comet?" His eyes drifted off the road to look at me, he does that way too much.

"I mean because of your diabetes. 'Cause in 7th grade I gave you a bunch of fruit and you wigged. I never see you eat anything sweet but you always have Skittles and Jolly Ranchers around." Sure enough he pulled out a stick of Starburst and slipped it into my hand.

"The candy is incase I have an attack. My brother, Luke, Brina and Harper all carry for me. Now you do too. You carry for Brina already though, don't you?" I nodded and rubbed the small pack of Gummy Bears I kept in my pocket. "The insulin pump I wear lets me eat what I want but I stay away from that stuff just because I don't want to trigger anything." I felt stupid and misinformed as he described his symptoms of a break down and what to do if he flipped out at a practice. Brina had explained when she recognized her case but she had rare and odd symptoms.

"So why'd you wig out with the fruit?" He glanced at me slyly.

"I'm allergic to grapes." How could I have not known that? "Well, when you're the cook you don't have to tell anyone what you're allergic to. Plus, I've meant to keep it a secret." I nodded, still kind of stunned.

"Ok then, no romantic grape feeding."

"Nonsense, I can still feed them to you." As the sky darkened his hand dropped from the wheel to my knee. Comfortable and reassuring, he traced small patterns on my jeans as I ate my ice cream. I fed him some fries as the ranch came into view. The memory of my first trip with Jude was laughable. The terror I felt when we trooped through the woods. And those boots! God those boots are great. It was simply weeks ago…

The rock face was again, warm from the day but Jude brought a quilt with us anyway. We sat close this time, fingers intertwined, studying our small town from above.

"You've protected me all these years, haven't you? I mean, whoever messed with me got messed up. I used to think it was solely Luke and Pegglar but now…"

"Brendan's a good brother but he doesn't get told enough sometimes." Jude's cheeks darkened. "Luke and I just filled in, we kept him up to date, Lord knows you don't."

"Jay, did you really just say 'Lord knows'? God, we have got to stop listening to Luke." We laughed together. So he admitted sticking up for me for a while. That thought made me smile even after we'd stopped laughing. The more we talked, the more he gave about his previous feelings for me. The jackass was still in him, just as the bitch still resided in me, but things were teasing now, sharp banter, witty remarks and stuff…there were no lines crossed anymore. It was nice.

We avoided recent topics like my crying adventure and I didn't mention overhearing him and Harper. We talked about work and friends. I regaled story after story about Jacquie before he admitted that a little sister is worse than a little brother. I even let him in on my plan to hook up Emily Marie and Chip. When I finished describing my and Caitie's strategy, Jude simply laughed.

"Can't leave anything alone, can you?" I smiled a secret smile, just for him.

"Now what fun would that be?"

"So who's gonna be your escort for Koth? How are we gonna swing that?" It was a good question because normally the boys would promenade with their girlfriends.

"Well, I've been thinking about how Luke and Brina owe us, would you be willing to escort Luke in drag?" The image came to both of us rather clearly as Luke has been in drag before (a hideous magenta affair) and he was a natural.

"And you would take Sabrina as a man, correct?" He asked, amused.

"Exactly," I nodded. "They owe me. Plus, I know Sab has a tux at home. She makes one hott man, let me tell you." I was amazed at my straight face but it broke when I looked his way.

"Talkin' about hot people, what exactly are you wearing for the last part?" It was a secret between me and Brina, and Harper but we had found me a gorgeous black dress. White decorated the very bottom and a white sash tied up the middle and honestly, I treasured it more than the emerald dress we had bought today.

"It's a secret. You'll see then." We were quiet, watching the small moving lights of cars on streets below us.

"Comet, do I even wanna ask why Sabrina has a tux?" I grinned; I knew he was going to ask eventually.

"I have one too y'know. From that year we dressed up as the blues brothers, then the mafia the next year…" he nodded, remember now. "I think we were penguins once too."

"Ahh yes, how could I forget…October first every year, right?"


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