That Was Then and This Is Now

(Inspired by the book That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E. Hinton)

That was Then and this is Now,

Just two moments suspended in time

Now seems as if it's overpowered Then,

It's committed some horrendous crime

Taken away all I had left,

That is what Now has done,

He tells me it is for the best,

But good in Now appears as none

If only they could understand

And see things the way I do,

Then maybe they'd give me a hand

In letting Then start off anew

For then all change would dissapear

And ignorance would take the place of pain

And people might just start to see

The gold hidden in the rain

Blissful days we would all spend

With no certain path we must follow

But of love and pain and true emotion,

I'm almost sure we'd never know

So we should all give Now a chance

And live for Now with everything,

Look to see what the moment holds

And what the next will bring

By GiannaHyperWriter