Summary: A day at tennis practice.

Rating: R for language, crude humour. I sound like a movie rating.

A/N: Based on some acquaintances, whose names have been changed, of course.

Originally Posted: 23/3/05

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"Oh! Oh, lookit that. Ohhhhh. I aced you. Haha!"

"Haha, he did, you know."

-I know. Yeah, well…Smack.

"Whoa!" Smack. "Whoa there, Jen. Jenny. Haha. Jennifer."

-Yeah, that's my name. Smack.

"What? What'd you say? I didn't hear you. Jennifer"

-Nothing, Chad.

"Oh. Ok, Jennifer. Jen. Jenny. Jennykins." Swing, swoosh. "Oops."

"Hahaha, oh, you retard!"

"What? What? Are you discriminating?" Smack. "Huh? Huh?"


"Yeah, that's right, I'm…Whoa!" Block, rebound.






"Dang, Jen, what are you trying to do?"


"Josh! BALL HELP!"

"God, Chad." Smack.

"What? What, what, what…" Smack.

-Make sure you never, ever have kids, Shared. Smack

"Oh, gee, well thanks. There are easier and less painful ways, you know." Smack.

-Ok. Smack. I'll remember that next time.


-Haha…sorry Chad.

"No problem Jenny."

"Next time? What next time? There ain't going to be a next time."

-Well, there will if you let Chad sneak up on you like that.

"What? Whoa." Yell. "Oh-ho, if you do that, I will hit you so hard…"

"Yeah? Yeah, you will, Indian dude? Pussy. Indians are pussies." Swing.


"Oh. Sorry Josh. That hit the end of my racket…accident. Sorry."

"Gosh! Idiot!" Smack.

-God I hate Napoleon Dynamite.

"Pussies huh? Hah. Better than being a cocksucking Asian."

"Hey. Your mom's a good cocksucker." Catch.

-Ohhhh. Hahahaha.

"Hahaha! Not as good as your sister, though."

"How would you know. My sister's never done you-"

"Yeah, she wouldn't dare cheat on you, would she?"

"Shut up, Ryan, you homosexual."

"Bring it, Chad. I could take you any day."

"All eight inches? Are you sure?"

"Hahaha! Oh, he got you. See the school bus? You got schooled"


"Oh, yeah?" Racket.


-Oh, wow, Chad. That's a sight I'd pay to see.

"Look at him run around!"

"Ryan! Get back on this court!"

"Sorry, coach."

"Hahaha. Sorry coach. Haha. Sorry."

"What are you smoking, Chad?"

"Um. I don't know. This guy walked up to my and asked if I wanted some and-"

-Right. Smack.




Well. Pointless? Maybe. But I love these kids, they're so unique and themselves. The things they say every day are so random. I felt I had to share.

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