She sat a few yards away, wind brushing though her hair, resting in the sand. She sat contently, watching the ocean as the sun went down behind it. Dressed in shorts and with a button up shirt over a tank top, she sat in silence, running her tennis shoes through the sand.

Her girlfriend watched her a few yards away, standing at the water's edge, feeling wet cold sand under her feet. She loved the sand, loved the feeling of so much warmth on her feet. She liked being barefoot and she loved the beach with its sand and water running across her feet and ankles. The warm wind caressed her face and her bare skin as she stood in shorts and a bikini top.

This wasn't her girlfriend's thing. She wasn't particularly fond of swimming. She liked her tennis shoes and jeans. And she rather be inside, comfy in a big easy chair with her laptop then sitting on a beach watching the waves.

Her girlfriend, the writer. Publisher of novels and poetry. This was too open for her. Too much nature shoved at her all at once. Almost too free, which was funny for the writer of fantasy and adventure. But they were out in the open, with enough space between them for the girl in the sand to feel comfortable.

Ria could fix that.

She walked back toward her, dry sand sticking to her feet and ankles. "Hey darling." She sat, wrapping her arms around her lover's neck and planting a quick kiss on her cheek. She tensed underneath her lips.

"Hey," she said softly. She tried to pull out of her arms. "Don't. Someone might see us."

Ria looked up and down the beach. A group of teens were playing in the water, but they were far enough away to be out of ear shot. A family sat making a sand castle even farther away then the teens. "Whose going to see? And whose going to care?" Her lips ran up and down her neck, sucking on the porcelain skin, leaving harsh red marks and Andie shivered. She pulled at the over shirt that hid her shoulders and began to run kisses over her freckled shoulders. Adie wrenched away suddenly.

"Stop it, okay?" Ria pulled her back. "Maria, come on."

"Adie, we're on a beach, watching the tide come in with the sun set behind it! Will you just kiss me and pretend like you're dating me?"

"I can't, okay?" She stood and stepped away from her. "Maria, I can't just sit here and pretend like what we are is okay! People look at us like we're sexual deviants and call us sluts. I don't want that."

Ria stared at her, all worked up and glowing in the orange sunlight. God, she hated being called Maria, but Adie insisted on it when she was angry. She liked to pretend she was serious. It just made Ria want her so bad it hurt. Instead she kicked sand at her.

"Will you just sit down and take off your shoes? Feel the sand between your toes and relax for two seconds!" Adie stood stark still, breathing hard and looking angry. "Andrea, please," she begged. She hated begging, but she was always begging.

"No, Ria." She had settled. Ria grinned. She reached up and grabbed Adie's ankle, sending her crashing to the sandy ground. "Fuck Ria!" She rubbed her butt. "What was that for?" Ria just grinned harder and grabbed at her shoe. "Ria, stop it. Gimme my shoe. Stop it Maria!" Ria continued, pulling at the sandy tennis shoe. "Maria!"

She got the shoe off, laughing so hard that even her uptight lover couldn't keep it in and she burst out laughing too. Heaving it, it fell in the sand way out of her girlfriend's reach. "I've got one," she gasped between laughing. "You might as well give me the other." She dived for her other legs, pinning both of them under her weight.

"No, Ria, go get my other shoe!"

"No! Give me this one!"

She got the other one off and chucked it toward the other one. "Hoe bag!" Ria was laughing so hard her side hurt. Adie's socks were the next think to go and she tossed them off. She looked down at two pale feet with ten wriggling toes. "I hate you!" Ria laughed and Adie tried not to. "I'm breaking up with you!"

"No you won't! Because you love me!" She still had her pinned and she move to sit on her stomach, running kisses up her legs, over her stomach until she reached her lips where she tugged her bottom lip between her teeth, making her girlfriend jerk in surprise.

"Ria, get off me! Skank, my shirt is all full of sand." She wiggled and squirmed between the kisses to her lips, jaw and neck, uncontrollably jerking to feel her lips.

"You should take it off!" Her over shirt was falling off her shoulders and Ria pushed it even further off of her, revealing her shoulders and arms. "That's better," she grinned as she took Adie's shirt and stood up.

Adie sat up, deep brown hair full of sand. "Give me my shirt, Maria."

"Stop calling me that and no, I won't. I never get to see your shoulders. Why didn't you where a suit? This is the beach for god sake!" She took a few steps back. "Come and get me."

"I'm not playing your game, Ria."

"Yes you are. Get up." Adie looked away, ignoring her. "Please Adie, I'm in love with you and I need you to pretend like you feel the same." Shaking her head, Adie stood begrudgingly, brushing sand off her shorts. With a guarded grin, she jumped at her, but Ria ran from her, laughing and shrieking, waving the shirt over her head like a victory flag. She made a bee line for the water and for once, Adie didn't stop to hesitate or think, just followed her girlfriend into the water, splash and getting soaked. Waves crashed into them, throwing them off balance and Ria fell backwards into Adie, knocking her into the water. Wet kisses pressed against Ria's lips as cold hands ran across stomach and delight surged through her. Waves crashed over their heads, but they didn't care.

The sun was almost gone by the time they emerged from the water and no one was left on the beach. The wind had turned cold and goosebumps rose on their skin. Ria watched Adie walk out of the water, soaking and dripping. Her skin glistened with her uncovered shoulders shiny, dotted by darkened freckles. Her hair had fallen out of its clip and it fell down her back in dark waves.

"God, you're damn sexy." It escaped her mouth without even realizing it.

Adie glanced back over her shoulder and the guarded smile was back on her lips. Her writer girlfriend dripped towards the towels they had brought with the sun igniting her back. It took so much time to get her out of her shell and she only spent brief moments out of it. But it was worth it. It was incredible to see her free.

Impulsively she kissed her, slipping her tongue greedily into her mouth, even though she knew Adie would object to it. Running her hands up into her hair, she held her face, tightly secured to her mouth and her tongue continued to search the inside of her mouth. It took a few hesitant moments before Adie's tongue was twisting with hers. The sensation sent chills up her back.

Adie pulled away first. She always pulled away first. She turned to go, wrapping herself tightly in a towel as Ria went over to gather their shoes and socks. They had walked from the apartment they shared, up the beach. Ria presented her lover with her shoes, rattling with sand.

Adie just gave a guarded grin, with glowing blue eyes. "That's okay. I'll go barefoot."

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