Reading through my alerts from fictionpress when I got a review from someone who actually gave a very glowing review about my writing but later mentioned they will look forward to a non lesbian entry from me. I found that funny and it prompted me to continue this. I've been debating continuing it, usually I don't like going back to one shots, but I've had a few ideas that keep bothering me. So here it is.

Also towards the end this gets very graphic and very sexual. The rating has been upped, so don't complain about it when you get there.


Adie stood on the balcony, a cup of tea in hand. She and Ria had just come in from spending the afternoon out on the beach. It was dark now, the ocean waves washed over the sandy beach as the moon reflected in the dark water.

They had come in, Ria dragging her hand in hand and separated. Ria had disappeared down the hall, while Adie had gone into the kitchen to start the kettle. Somewhere deeper inside the apartment, she could hear the spray of the shower being turned on.

The ocean waves, as black as the sky they reflected, lapped at the sand. Softly and silently, the water moved back and forth, climbing the dry beach before receding back; forward and backward, all in one motion. Coming up, coming out and receding, over and over. Ria liked to compare her to the ocean's current.

Ria loved the ocean. She had grown up near one, in a fantastic house. Though from the stories she told, Adie was pretty sure Ria had spent more time in the water then inside the fantastic house's walls.

In a crimpling blow to Ria, her parents had moved them to the desert, Adie's land of origin, just before high school. And just days after graduation, Ria moved back.

And Adie followed.

The air was getting crisp and Adie went back inside with her tea. Shutting the door, the sound of the ocean ceased, but the house permanently smelled of the sea. Down the hall, in the master bedroom, the sound of the shower was still going. Adie paused in the doorway, looking down at a trial of discarded clothes. Ria had just walked in and stripped with no shame. Adie hugged the sweatshirt she had pulled on.

Moving toward the bed she shared with her girlfriend, she moved inside the blankets and curled up with her tea. Ria was singing behind the closed door of the bathroom. This was their bed, but they didn't own it. Ria's parents had bought it. They had bought nearly everything in the house. Fortune five hundred company stock holders who would buy anything to make their daughter happy. No matter what she was doing, where she was going , or what she was. Adie curled deeper inside the blankets. She had come to know Ria's parents intimately. She had seen them give Ria everything and then leave her to her own devices.

"Adie!" Ria called from behind the bathroom door. Uncurling herself, she followed the call of her name into the bathroom, only to be hit by a wall of warm steam. "Adie baby, I forgot a towel."

"Kay," she murmured. Ria's nude figure moved behind the fogged shower stall glass. "I'll get one." She left the hot bathroom, suddenly feeling cold and shivered to the linen closet in the hallway. She returned to the bathroom and shut the door.

She leaned against the door, enjoying the blurred outline of the girl in the shower. Ria was big on nudity. She liked the natural, bare skin and it's feel. Sleeping naked, skinny dipping at midnight. She was a born nudist stuck living in a clothed world.

Adie laughed lightly and the stall door slid open. "Something funny baby?"

She smiled, "Not at all, love."

The stall remained open. "You know, the dust from the sand almost makes you look tan." Adie touched her face and felt filth. "You're dirty. You know what would make you feel better? A nice hot shower." She waggled her eyebrows and grinned provocatively. The sweatshirt was beginning to itch between the heat and the dust on her skin. It was tempting. "You know you wanna."

Adie shook her head. Ria may love her body, toned and tan, and be keen to show it off, not that Adie minded, but Adie wasn't so keen on the nudity of her own body. She was pale and overweight and freckly in the most unattractive way.

The stall door slid close without another word and Ria approached her, dripping and naked. She took Adie's face in wet hands and kissed her slowly, a heated and distracting kiss. The feeling of wet lips consumed her as the hands left her face and her sweatshirt began to roll upwards. For the briefest moment their lips parted to allow the sweatshirt and tee shirt underneath it to come over her head. Unceremoniously they dropped to the floor, forgotten. The lips returned, but this time to her neck, sucking and nipping at the flesh. Adie leaned her head back, inviting Ria to her neck as her shorts slid off her hips. Wet hands flicked at the clasp of her bra. It joined the pile of clothes on the floor, followed by her underwear.

"That's better," Ria purred, pulling her into the still running shower. The water was hot, just like Ria's skin and with water pouring over her head, her lips sought Ria's shoulders. She ran her hands over Ria's toned body. She was a swimmer in high school, one of the strongest in the region. The sport never interested Adie, honestly she had never gone to a single meet, even when Ria begged, but she didn't mind the body it produced.

Ria lifted her face and their lips met with fiery ferocity. She pressed Adie up against the cool tile wall and hot fingers elicited shivers throughout her body as they ran over her skin. Ria grinded her hips upward and Adie gasped as Ria nipped at the flesh on her neck. Water poured over them as Adie found herself sandwiched between Ria and the wall.

"I want you." Ria was used to getting what she wanted.

This was easy for Ria, making Adie moan, making her wet, making her run her hands into Ria's hair in an attempted to stabilize her rocking body. She could do that, take her breast in her mouth and make her knees weak. It was easy. She could make her fingers move in the rhythm of Adie's hip, touching her in the most sensitive of places as her tongue swirled the freckles on her shoulder. She could do that and Adie would follow and react and lose herself, exposed and wet against her lover. Controlled as she withered and moaned, almost vulnerably at Ria's mercy.

Against the wall and naked, she cried out against Ria's neck and Ria grinned softly into Adie's hair. Her hips jerked and trembled. "Breathe, baby?" Ria whispered softly. Her hands moved up into her hair as Ria pulled her back into the spray of the water which felt uncomfortable on her overheated skin. Ria held her as her mind cleared. "I love you."

The water poured over her, extremely aware of every touch Ria made on her naked, heated flesh. "I love you."

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