The Vow

Everyday I sat on this bench waiting for you. I always knew how dangerous and hard it was for you to work in this bus terminal at a late shift until midnight. You always dealt with angry, ungrateful customers and their complaints. I knew how the stench of oil made you wanted to throw up. But, you still insisted to work on this miserable terminal where no one appreciated your work. But, God forbid, I did. I always had loved you for that.

The first time I saw you, I instantly fell for you. You're no special woman, but I knew that deep within me you're the most perfect girl that I ever had seen. I was never good for you. A gang member. A chain smoker. A gambler. In short, a worthless piece of asshole. But, a shed of hope shone on me when I saw your face. I quitted all my vices. I even left our gang though my gang brothers despised my decision and threatened my life. But, the hell they cared. You're my life now. I'd be willing to work to be worthy of you, and I vowed to protect you until death.

As I waited for you, I looked at the blank faces of passers-by. I feared that one of these people could cause you harm. Fortunately, they were not. They never cared (nor did they care if I were here). Neither did I care about them. I was here for you. I was here to protect you from any possible harm to come your way. That's my vow. I never wanted that nightmare to happen to you again.

Could you remember that night? I could still remember that. It's a quarter after twelve midnight. You had just finished your shift and I was there to pick you up. I was sitting on the bench a few meters away from your office. I had done that since you became my girl. It's my way of showing how much I loved and cared for you. I didn't want anybody to hurt you.

While you're closing down, I sat on the bench looking at your slim figure. I thanked God for giving you to me. I felt that I'm the luckiest guy on the face of the planet just thinking that I had a girl who made me complete. After closing, you went over to the bench. You looked so beautiful that night. Your eyes sparkled though you felt so tired. I felt heaven when I hugged you and kissed your forehead. You'd became my angel who picked me up from a puddle of mud.

As we were going, three familiar guys went out of the dark snatching you away. They were my former gang brothers.

A man, whom I recognized to be our leader grabbed you at the wrist and forcibly kissed your tender lips.

I struggled to break free from the tight grip of the two other guys holding me. The gang leader then brought out a knife and held you at knifepoint, even threatening to kill me if you planned to shout.

Pinning you down with his legs, he raised your skirt up. He smelled your neck breathing in maliciously your precious scent before looking up to me and mockingly smiled. Struggling harder to break free before anything happens to my girl against her will, I broke free twisting the arm of my former brother on the left and punching the one on my right.

I lunged down stooping over the gang leader and placed a punch on his jaw. I didn't remembered how long I fought the three guys, but I could remember saying to myself that they could never have you.

After a year, I always sat on this bench waiting for your shift to end for fear that that incident would happen, yet again. I vowed to protect you, my love and that's what I'd do. I'd never ever break that vow.

It's twelve. I saw you closing down again just like what happened a year ago. I checked if anybody was around. Before they'd do that, I'd kill them before they hurt you. But, the terminal was empty.

You went over to the bench and sat at the other end. Slowly, tears welled your eyes. Then, you cursed yourself and whispered my name. You'd always do that for the past year. I wanted to kiss you but I couldn't. I'd reached over and assure you that it wasn't your fault. But, I helplessly ached as I see you cry more.

You must never take the blame, my love. I chose to be here, to be your protector. Never curse yourself. I vowed to be your protector in life and beyond it. It was never your fault. Not before. Never it will be.