Captured in Love

By Ml4eva009

Ch. 1

Surprisingly, the night had been quiet at Port. There were no wenches shouting out their offers or drunks crying out their grievances into the wind. None of that occurred. Instead, dead silence seeped through the cobblestone streets at such late hour. It could have been a late hour to some who managed to stay awake, but to a young Miss Susanna Wilson, the night was still young.

"Andrew…" she whispered to the man lying beside her.

No response.

Propping herself on her elbow, Susanna let her gaze fall on the handsome, virile male. The candlelight dimly lit the spacious bedroom, but she could still make out his face. Taking in his male sort of beauty, the fiery red haired lady found herself lucky to be lying between the same silk sheets of the dashing Andrew Black's bed.

Anyone who was anyone in high society knew of a Mr. Andrew Black, or at least heard of his name being spoken. In inheriting his handsome and attractive looks from his radiant father, Brady Black, and his beautiful mother, Victoria Black, Andrew had also managed to snag along many willing ladies into his bed. His piercing green eyes, his golden honey hair… he was definitely craved for. His skin tone remained bronze from many hours he seemed to spend in the sun, along with a physique resembling that of a Greek god's. He was the object of every maiden's desire and he knew it. He knew it quite well.

"Andrew…" she began again.

Fighting the urge to yell at the damsel next to him to get out of bed, Andrew sighed deeply. "Yes?" he asked, tired and ready to doze off at any moment from their earlier actions.

"I was just wondering…" she said hesitantly. "Must you leave so soon in the morning and leave me here? I thought we might perhaps-"

"I have many obligations I must attend to," Andrew rudely interrupted, turning the opposite from the young Susanna only to have her face his back.

Susanna's breath faltered. "And what about me?" she dared to ask.

"Seriously?" he coldly responded. "I'm sure you are aware of various important matters I must attend to rather than consume my time with you. There is much expected from me."

She could feel every harsh strike upon her heart with every word he spoke. "Am I not at all an option in what's expected of you?" she fought on weakly.

"How so?" he retorted in a tone to clearly indicate he desired his sleep.

"The possibility of a future between us?" she stated bravely.

"You?" he laughed out loud as if it were merely a joke.

"Why not?" she asked in a whisper, a tear about to fall from how much he was hurting her with every second that passed.

"Milady," he began to grossly explain to her. "Any woman who easily offers herself to me before marriage is not what I consider worthy of being my wife if I am ever to have one."

A disgusted scoff arose from her. "You call me a whore then?" she asked, trying to regain her strength. "You whisper sweet nothings into my ear since we met each other, enchanting me with your stories until I fall into your arms only to dispose of me later? I gave myself to you out of love!" she defended as she pulled the sheets to cover herself more.

A soft growl came from him. "Don't fuss over such silly matters, milady. Succumb to sleep and let the topic rest, already!"

After some time passed, the fiery red haired lady remained staring at his bare back. Her salty tears streamed from each cheek. Her pain, her humiliation was now greater than ever as she slowly turned herself as far from him and began crying herself to sleep.

Another bawler, he thought as he heard her sniffles. At least she'll be gone by morning, he added. He, unlike Susanna, drifted off to sleep immediately, too tired to think about their conversation.

In the morning, when he sensed she was gone from his bed, he let out a sigh of relief. He never considered Susanna as a potential lady to lure into his bed, but it just seemed like such a fun game to play at. Her obvious flirtations, her promiscuous glances… he was a man after all. A man with no wife as of yet, so why shouldn't he?

It was who he was. He knew he was a handsome man with wealth behind him as well as a well-bred name. He knew what the ladies were looking for and he knew he had it all! He was young, adventurous, and daring. He never assumed he would settle down for children so early in life, let alone a wife! He didn't plan for any of the sort at all unless his father began to pester him.

To him, marriage was more of a business engagement to continue a legacy. Though his parents were a clear example of two people truly in love with each other, Andrew found it hard to believe he would ever find his equal like his parents had. Despite his mother's assurance that he would find her one day, Andrew wasn't so sure. In the world he lived in now, he knew most ladies married for the sake of being married due to their parents' expectations, and not for themselves. Sure, they would claim it was for love, but then why do they later throw themselves at him rather than at their husbands? He knew he could be a real bastard at times, and an even bigger bastard by agreeing to sleep with them, but he had more class than that. The farther he stayed away from marriage, the better he would be.

For the moment, he was happy to get thrown into his father's work and help make business prosper. His father was a well known man in more ways than one and with Andrew joining in, they soon became a double threat to anyone who tried to meddle with them.

In the end, yes, Andrew Black was a man who had faults. He knew this. Some faults small, other big, other times it didn't matter. For him, it only depended on the situation and with whom he was dealing with. He wasn't worried about the bad reputation he could get from the women he dealt with. Such issues he had no time for anyway. They could cry and then get over it. Why not? He'd dealt with it so many times before. At least, that's what he had assumed. It never occurred to him that sooner or later he would have to consider his faults or what type of person he was. Mm, but really, with whom could he actually ever consider just how greatly his faults were?