My head is only filled with one voice. That voice tells me things about life and the darkness, the darkness that he has to live in. He has been talking to me since the day of my seventh birthday. The first time I ever heard his voice, telling me of the darkness, I was staring out my window at the moon. I still stare at the moon on all the dark lonely nights of my life. Each time I see its glimmer, I hear his voice, so deep, dark, but beautiful. I still remember the first words he ever said to me:

"Darkness is all around,

Light not to be found,

Nothing to see,

Nowhere to be,

Please help me,

Darkness is all around"

When I heard him tell me this I wanted more than anything to help him. I wanted to save him from the darkness and keep him always save from it, but what I desired most was to join him, I wanted to be like him, I wanted to be of his kind. I told him one night that I wished to be with him, be with him in the darkness. The anger that he showed me was more than I could handle. His screaming filled my head, his anger at what I just said. "Never say that again, you can never be here, NEVER" that night when I left him, left the moon, I was in tears and it felt like my head was close to exploding. I was sad that I caused him this kind of rage; I wished I never met him, and that he never came to my mind. I thought him unwelcome. The next day when I talked to him, he said nothing of the previous night; he acted like it never happened even though some anger was still left inside him. That night when I was talking to him, I forgave him, I don't why, but something made me and I did.

Whenever he speaks to me in my mind my body weakens and grows cold and limp. The only sense that stays sharp is my sense of him there and the sound of his voice. Sometimes when he talks to me for too long, my hair crystallizes and my lips turn a light blue. One time when that happened, a little bit after I returned to my bed, my mom walked in my room. Even thought it was dark in the she could see what happened to me. The look on her face scared me, she told me to come with her. Being able to do nothing more, I followed her. She brought me into a dungeon like place that I have never seen or knew existed in our house. The walls where all stone and there were chains hanging from them and also some from the ceiling. Then I spotted something that was huddled up in a corner. I started to walk over to the heap of cloths but my mom stopped me with her hand. "Go no farther" she whispered to me. She sounded scared, like something was frightening her. I looked questionably up at her and she told me that the heap in the corner is a vampire…was a vampire. She said that he has been here since the house was first built in the 1600's. I asked her how she knew, but she wouldn't answer me. After that she told me to go back to my room and commanded me to never come here again.

I have no idea why she showed me the body that is supposed to be a vampire, I didn't believe her, I had no reason to. My parents are never home much and I have no brothers or sisters. They don't care for me… they don't care about what I do and don't do. Most of the time I don't go to school and they never noticed. When I used to get straight A's, they never noticed or cared. So that's what I stopped doing, I stopped caring. Nothing really mattered to me anymore, the only thing that did was him. He was the only thing worth living for, or else I would have been dead a long time ago.

I looked over at my digital clock sitting on a stand next to my bed. The red numbers blinked and then read 12:03 am. Tonight was the night of the full moon. The nights that are of the full moon are usually the times that I look forward too, but not today, I was scared. Before the dark came I went and locked my windows and closed my curtains tight. Tonight was not the night that I wanted to talk to him. Two days ago he told me that he was coming, coming out of the darkness, to me. He told me to look at the full moon that would soon be coming in two days, if I did as he asked, he would come.

I shut my eyes, and then reopened them, not knowing what to do. Once more I looked back over at the clock, 12:09 am. Jumping out of bed I ran over to my window. I threw aside the curtains, pushed open the glass of my window, and drank in the moon light. His voice then filled my mind, "You're late." I stared at the moon not making a move, thinking that if I did, he would leave. As I stared at the moon, I started to feel a cold and menacing presence. I knew that it was him, but I wouldn't be able to truly see him until this process was complete, so I stayed faced towards the glowing orb in the sky. Suddenly something cold brushed against my back and I jumped without realizing that I was falling out of my window and I had nothing to grab on to stop my fall.

The voice that was inside my head for so long became real, something alive. He jumped after me and caught me in his arms, and hugged me close to his body no longer cold, but warm, full of life. We kept falling; down past everything, until we reached the very bottom, but I wasn't afraid, he was with me. Before we smashed into the bottom of nothingness, he told me that he gave up his wings to be able to see me; he said he was sorry he couldn't save my life.


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