That Better Friend

All I have ever wanted was a better friend.

How come you can't be that friend?

The way you treated me had sometimes brought me to tears.

Why is that you and everyone else treat me that way?

No one cares about what I do.

But once I do something wrong, you get on my case about it.

Why can't you ever be that better friend I need?

I have always thought of you as a good friend.

Once I left I thought our friendship would still last.

I was so wrong about it.

It seems that you don't care about me just because I left.

You don't call, write or email me at all.

Even though all those times I have been persistent about it.

Once I really expressed my feelings, you then realized how I took our friendship for granted.

Then you would just reply that one time.

All the times afterward, you never did.

Knowing that, I gave you an ultimatum.

I wonder what your answer would be.

I hope that reply would be that you would still want to be my friend.

I wish that we were closer and not miles apart because you just don't realized how I really feel about you.

No one realizes not even my best friends do.

So can you try to fit me in your schedule and be that better friend you use to be.