I always study my lessons on weekend in our living room at night, from 9pm to 3am usually. But there was one time that i would never forget. The setting was like this: i was in the living room, sitting on the floor and listening to music. It was a cd playing and i had my headphones on so i wouldn't disturb anyone in the house.

Next to the living room is the dining room and in there was an old radio (aka karaoke), which we bought 14 years ago. It was a very simple FM/AM radio with 2 cassette players and it had an audio analyzer (the bars that go up and down when music is playing) and i had a really good view of that radio from my position. And the only light i had was the one in the living room.

Since i was the only one who was listening to music and it was night time, my surroundings should be quiet, right? Except for the cars that would pass by every now and then. And even though the music was very loud in my ears, i could still hear the engine of a car passing by.

And then i heard a relatively loud noise that sort of interfered with the music i was listening to. After about a couple of seconds, the noise subsided. I just concluded that it was a truck that passed by.

So i continued to work on with whatever i was doing. After a few moments while i was looking down at my book, out of the corner of my eye, i saw some orange light flickering in front of me and there was the noise again. When i looked up, the light i thought i saw vanished, and so did the noise. My conclusion this time was that it was another truck and its headlights reflected on the glass door of the cabinet that separated the living room from the dining room.

I'm not the type that gets scared at once. As much as possible, i try to think of a logical explanation that may somehow explain why it happened. So i went back to my work. But then this time, the song i was listening to ended and everyone knows that in a CD, there are pauses between songs. And in that brief moment of silence, i heard music playing and the orange light i saw earlier appeared again at my peripheral view.

When i looked up, i instantly glanced to where the orange light seemed to come from and saw the radio in the dining room. It was turned on and the orange light I've been seeing was actually the audio analyzer. But even before the next song in the CD could start, the radio in the living room stopped. And i actually saw it turn off.

The whole incident was very brief and i didn't even have the time to scream. But even if i had, i don't think i would. Right after it happened, i went to the dining room to check on the radio myself. For what purpose? I don't know. I think i just wanted to see if it would turn on again. Then, I'd scream. I actually waited there in front of it for about ten seconds. But actually, i went to see if it was even plugged into the electrical socket. Fortunately, it was. At least i could still think of a more logical explanation. If it wasn't plugged, then that would be another story.

That radio, since it's already old, doesn't have any special feature like timer or something. I just figured that it could be some electrical malfunction inside. I still continued studying afterwards but i unplugged the radio to make sure it won't happen again.