With simple things,

It's hard to say,

If day is night,

Or night is day.

When little quarrels,

Break the way,

Shall we run,

Or shall we stay?

It's hard to think,

When our minds are fogged,

Our hopes are crushed,

Our friendship robbed.

When days seem longer,

Tempers run high,

And our falling hearts,

No longer touch the sky.

It's hard to tell,

If this is right for,

Our paths to split,

And we stay sisters no more.

It breaks my heart,

To see the anger,

The irate humor and,

Sarcastic behavior.

It makes me cry,

When our fellowship breaks,

And what we did,

Is not all it takes.

It makes the sorrow,

Build a bridge,

Over the happiness,

Through which we once lived.

So now my sister,

Shall we make amends,

Pull together,

Be friends?