Michelle Wong

All those times
You said you loved me
Now they're just all
A bunch of lies
Everytime you held me
Saying you'd always be there
Making all those promises
That I actually believed
How stupid was I
To think you cared
You're just like everyone else
No big surprise there
You cried on the phone
Saying you made the biggest mistake
I could've sworn you wanted me back
But you were just lonely for her
All those lies you told me
Keeps haunting my mind
You never really loved me
You were just using me
I fell so deep for you
I was gonna love you forever
But the hurt you've put inside me
Makes me want to hate you
What's so special about her that I don't have?
Will she love you as much as I do?
No one can replace
The love I have for you
But I'm not taking you back
No matter how much you'll hurt
I can't take the lies you've filled my head with
I can't stand you
And all the lies you told me