I sit here in a place that feels so strange,

and yet it is my home.

I sit here in a place that feels so crowded,

but they are only in my head, i am Alone.

Others tell me that i am not, that they are here,

they tell me that, but yet i fear,

i fear that they are gone and i remain,

i fear that i am not but gone insane.

Once there was a girl who i called sister

it was she who helped me fly

There were many things



that now are come to light,

But still here alone i lie.

There was another who took her place

as any could fill tha space.

She was different then from I,

But it seemed to work, i dont know why.

She was a Cowgirl born and bred

I dressed in deepest black and blood-like red.

And yet we helped each other be

What it was that only we could see.

I trusted her as i had the first

And perhaps that was the worst

for now she has done as the other

left me to sift through usless clutter.

I dont know what i did

Idont know where i failed

perhaps it wasnt I

perhaps it was i who bailed.

All i know, as i cry myself to sleep

is that they are gone

and it is i who weep.

Both of them as Sisters,

Both of them as Lies.

Both of them i needed.

Both soared to the skies.

Neither now will speak to me

as once were want to do,

Now they merely shake their heads

and wonder woopty-do.

So to my Darling Pine, and to my Dearest Rose,

I would ask one simple question then be on my way.

Did you truly care for me as i once cared for you,

or was it all a useless game, entertainment of the day?

To Pine I now say sorry,

for with you i have discussed,

you assured me that you loved me,

that it was all in trust.

But now there is another who has done me the same,

so what am i to think, but that something is amiss with me,

or that it is all a game?

I am lost and searching, for a place where i belong,

But i fear that i can not wait long.

I fear that if much more time elapses

that it shall be my poor heart and i that calapses.