"I Like You and I'll Always Be Waiting"


I don't know why I brought up this subject…After actually getting to talk to him for a few days. I barely know him, yet I needed to know the answer.

"I think I like you…" I whispered.

He stared at me and had the most sincerest, yet saddest look on his face. "I'm so sorry…" He apologized while looking down at his white shoes. "I like you, but only as a friend." The bell rang while our voices were drowned out. We continued to converse around this situation.

I nodded, feeling a bit numb to myself, but brightened my face to make him not feel guilty. "Okay!" I smiled softly at him and gave him a long, full-hearted hug.

I tugged on his shirt and lead him back to his usual hangout spot. As we walked back, I feel so…sad, yet hopeful.

I blinked and stared absently across the campus. He talked along with his friends and joked around with them, pushing and somewhat yelling about. I replayed the last moments in my mind, while taking a deep, long breath.

"I mean…" The bell rang. "I do like you. I know for sure…" I said a bit slowly yet truthfully.

He gave me an apologetic look and he was really pained to say this; pained with sadness. "I only like you as a friend, I'm sorry."

"Even though I don't know you, you make me happy. I don't know why. Your whole you…I don't know. It's hard to explain, ya know?" I asked him, somewhat lightly to ease the tension.

"Yeah. Sorry I sound so…Stupid." He frowned.

I rushed to his comfort. "No, you're not. Stop saying that." I gave him a really tight hug. It was to keep me from crying and it was to make him stop. Two reasons for one action.

"I'll always be waiting for you." I told him, smiling a bit. "Sorry it sounds so cheesy." I added.

"I understand. I just follow my heart…" He told me.

"Yeah, me too." I nodded along. "I'm not gonna force you into liking me back more."


I inhaled and exhaled for a very long time.

I hugged him and waved goodbye.

He hugged back and smiled at me.

As I walked away, I turned to look at him once more, thinking, 'I'll always be waiting for you,' as he vanished around the corner.

Author's Note: I actually wrote something. –Le Shock.- Sorry I haven't been updating in months and weeks and days. Hehe. Sorry in general, I suppose. Well, this was a short, one-shot that has been going on in my life. The basis of this one-shot is very similar to the events of my life, but I changed some of it around and added some bits. Please review.