You Are Who You Believe You Are

I have the mind of an intellectual,

The spirit of a wise and beautiful sorceress

The taste of a princess,

And the soul of a writer

All stuck inside my fifteen year old body,

Underneath the warm rain, luxuriously I bathe in white jasmine

Afterwards scented oils caress my skin,

My warm rain comes from a steel cloud, called a showerhead

I cast these enchantments, over your eyes

Powerful incantations linger in your mind

I use a pen too cast my magic spell,

From my lips may pass ancient truth,

Voice calm with wisdom,

I learned it from my mother

In my sanctuary my mind does blossom,

Inside the stone walls of my secret garden, I read tales from long ago

The stone walls are painted white, decorated with words of wisdom

Like that of an English classroom

I am a fifteen year old American girl, nearly sixteen

This is what you see, Inside there lies

Many different parts of me, you can be whomever you wish

When you see what you have,

Too be more than one dimensional