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Chapter one

A Store is built

"Hang it right about there." She said pointing to the sign. "She" was the manager of the store.

The builders were putting the final touches on the store, which was opening the following day. It was about ten in the morning and the van was supposed to arrive in an hour with the stock. The manager looked at her store.

The front had silver bars surrounding the windows, which were on either side of the entrance. Inside, the store was divided into six main sections. There was a Games section, which would have all of the newly released games in Japan, the Music section which would have all of the hot artists and different soundtracks to different movies, the Movies section which would have a variety of Anime, the Books section which was going to be full of Gaming guides Magazines, and Graphic Novels, the Miscellaneous section which would have different things related to anything they sold, and the check-out center. It was a decent sized store, about as big as the Bath & Body Works store next door.

None of the builders really cared about the store; they only took the job to get to see the manager. She was the talk of the town. Most of the men would be considered Lecherous, having a crush on her and all. Considering her 5 foot stature and her tiny built frame, and mainly because of the fact she was only fifteen. But she didn't care about what people thought of her, which could be easily seen by the way she dressed. She wore baggy jeans with two silver hoops on two of the belt loops and a red short sleeved shirt that ended just below her medium sized bust. And to complete her outfit, she had on two or three silver dog tag chains connected together. They were twisted once behind her neck so that the longer section hung down to the top of her pants and the shorter one ended right below the bottom of her shirt.

She quickly put her medium brown hair in a pony tail and got back to work. They still had tons of work to do. The builders needed to hang the rest of the signs announcing which sections would hold what. And they had to put up racks and shelves for the books, movies and miscellaneous other stuff. She also had to set out the catalog of what they could get if you especially ordered something, which was mainly referring to cosplay and stuffed animals, since there wasn't enough room in the miscellaneous section to put them. All within an hour. They had already hung three of the seven signs and they still needed to hang the other four and set up the rest of the stuff. She wasn't worried though. Most of the shelves were up and if she wasn't satisfied with the racks she could move them. Most of the items that were going to be on the racks and shelves were just to show what they had.

She was in the middle of directing one of the workers where to put the "Books" sign she heard someone call her.

"A-chan!" she turned and saw her first employee walk into the store. An empty store but never-the-less a store.

"B-kun? What is it this time?" She asked, sounding exasperated. The workers studied the boy. He wasn't much older than the manager, maybe sixteen or seventeen at the most. He had light brown hair and wore baggy jeans and a Harley hoodie.

"Just wanted to come check-out the store." He told her.

"Well, then at least do something. Help the guys set up the racks or something." She walked back to where the men were putting up the next sign. She watched B-kun out of the corner of her eye. He practically begged her to hire him. B-kun had come to her the last day of school and, since that's when word got around she was the manager, he'd asked her if he could get a job. She asked him for two things, a resume, and an essay on why he thought he'd be good for the job. In his essay he wrote that he would try hard and that he was good with inventory and stuff. She would give him one thing to his credit, he was good with inventory. The first day he was there he had done everything she told him to do. He probably would've gone three feet away to get a drink from the soda machine if she'd asked him to. A-chan knew he was desperate. So she gave him the job out of pity. He really did annoy her; she didn't want to give him the job. But she was too nice for her own good.

At this point they were hanging the sign over the check-out counter. It was a small counter and was in the shape of a bracket. On the right side, was where the cash register was going to be. Under the left panel was where the bags were going. And under the center piece was where different things would be put: Refills for the cash register, more bags, Employee records, sales records etcetera.

A-chan looked around at the décor of her store. It was painted black and had neon green stripes surrounding the "game" sign, red stripes around the music sign, bright blue stripes around the "movies" sign, neon orange stripes around the Miscellaneous" sign, lightning yellow stripes around the "Books" section, and bright purple stripes coming from the Check-out counter. All the shelves were made of the same silver bars that were around the windows. The racks were made of smaller versions of the bars. The floor was black with different colored spirals and it seemed to have a certain feel to it that she adored, the exact feel she'd been aiming for.

They finished putting up the racks and started packing things up. A-chan saw B-kun heading toward her.

"The van is here." He told her. They walked outside where the van driver was standing, smoking a cigarette. The man put out his cigarette and walked to them. He wasn't the skinniest man ever, and had a grease stain in the middle of his shirt. A-chan didn't really think it was grease though. They unpacked the boxes and set them in the storage room in the back of the shop. There were fifty boxes total, ten for each section. The boxes were pretty big, so A-chan asked a few of the workers to help them take them in. After everyone left, A-chan and B-kun started to get the boxes organized. They took one of each game and put them in the glass cases, dividing them first by rating, and then by alphabetical order. They sorted the stock and then put them in the inventory and went on to the music. They did the same thing sorting first by type, J-rock, J-pop, or soundtrack, and then by Alphabetical order. They moved on to books and separated them by Guides, Magazines, or Graphic Novels, then by rating, and then by Alphabetical order. They took inventory and moved onto movies again they sorted by Genre, then Rating, then Alphabetical order. They took inventory then moved onto the miscellaneous stuff. They put a few wall scrolls in a bin and some key chains on a rack. They put some notebooks on a shelf and sorted everything by what they were. They took inventory and checked prices. A-chan put the catalog on a stand and decided to put her "eye-catcher" in the window. She had B-kun put a wall scroll in the window along with a movie and a graphic novel with the same character on the front. In the other window she put a game and a guide in it and a poster of a singer who did the song featured on the commercial. B-kun hung the grand opening signs and set up the sound system so it would play a little J-rock. A-chan got a barstool out from the back and set it behind the counter. She looked around her store. It was finished!

"You never did tell me what the uniform is." He said as Utada Hikaru's Simple and Clean floated out of the sound system.

"That's simple." She said and handed him a pin. It had His nickname on it and a character from a show on it also.

"Who's he?" He asked pointing to the character.

"He's Kouga off of Inu Yasha. You remind me of him in a way."

"So whenever you see him you think of me." He said with a devilish grin.

"No whenever I see you I think of him because he annoys me." She said bluntly. His grin left his face and he turned to straighten the wall scrolls. A-chan smiled and went in the back to get some drinks. She pulled out some Borba water and gave him a Pepsi.

"Why do you drink that stuff, it looks disgusting." He said pointing to the pink fluid.

"It helps my face stay clear. And it doesn't bother me as long as I don't chug it down. If I chug it, then I have to go to the restroom every few minutes." She told him.

"Oh yeah, I remember before you started to drink it you looked like someone had put a bunch of red, white, and black dots and tried to play dot to dot." All of a sudden, a frying pan came out of nowhere and made a huge lump on B-kun's head. Needless to say he got kinda pissed.

"What the Fuck did you do that for!"

"Oops! Sorry! It slipped."

"How can a frying pan slip out of your hand!"

"I don't know. But it did." There was a knock on the entrance. A-chan looked at the clock. It was almost four o'clock. She went to the door and saw a girl about her age standing there.

"How may I help you?" A-chan asked her. She wasn't ugly, but wasn't beautiful either. She had an innocent air about her. And her outfit shrieked 'prep.' She was wearing a turquoise tank top and a pink, yellow, light blue and pastel green, pleated plaid mini skirt finished off with turquoise flip-flops.

"I was wondering if I could get a job." She asked.

"Um, okay. I'll need to have a resume and an essay on why you would like to work here."

"Oh thank you! I'll give it to you tomorrow. The store is opening tomorrow, isn't it?" A-chan nodded.

"Yeah, it's the grand opening tomorrow, and if you don't mind me saying so, could you possibly wear something a little less…cheery?"

"Sure! Oh! My name's Chelsea by the way!" She said.

"Okay. You can call me A-chan then. And I'll call you C-chan. I'll read you're resume and you're essay tomorrow and call you within a week to tell you when your try-out day begins. I have to go and check inventory. And I'll see you tomorrow." A-chan told her and the girl left smiling.

"Who was that A-chan?" B-kun asked when she got back.

"No one important." She said and finished her water.

The Next Day

A-chan stood inside her store liking the sight she saw. There were quite a few people outside. It was almost time to open and B-kun hadn't arrived yet. She heard a knock from the back door and B-kun came out

"Where have you been! We're opening in ten minutes!"

"Aw! You were worried about me! I'm touched, A-chan!"

"Get real! And put your name tag on!" B-kun made a futile attempt at putting the pin on. A-chan rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Let me do it." She tried to get it from him but he pulled away.

"I've got it." He told her.

"Just let me do it."

"I'll do-"

"No I can-"

"Just let me-"

"Ouch!" A-chan looked at her finger. There was a little drop of blood where the point pricked her finger.

"Here, let me get a band-aid." B-kun said and fished under the cabinet for one. He took a tissue and wiped the blood off and then placed the band-aid on her small finger. He examined her finger a little and fingered her fingers gently. A-chan couldn't say what he was doing was bothersome, it wasn't. In all honesty, she liked the feeling. She closed her eyes for a minute and then felt his lips on her injured finger. She opened her eyes, shocked at his actions.

"To make it feel better." he explained. He let go of her hand, and she picked up his pin. She took it gently in her hands and laid it against his hoodie, then she fastened it.

"Now it's strait." She said and hopped off the stool she had been sitting on. It was ten. She walked over to the doors and stuck her key in. B-kun followed suit. They unlocked it and pushed open the doors.

"Welcome to…The Otaku store." They said simultaneously.

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