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Chapter 4

The Newsletter

B-kun woke up to the sound of D-kun's hangover. He went to the bathroom and helped him out. When D-kun finished puking, and spilling out his guts, B-kun made them both pancakes. He learned to never trust D-kun with a kitchen utensil after a hangover. He almost burnt the apartment down last time.

"D-kun, you need a job. You've been fired from your last three and it may get your mind off of her." B-kun suggested. "Why don't you work at the store with me?"

"Dude, I have a major headache. I'm probably going to sleep all day. Maybe tomorrow. Or this afternoon if I feel better." D-kun answered him.

"Okay man. If you decide to come over and take the job, you need a resume and an essay of why you wanna work there. Tell the truth. The manager can tell if you're lying. She's psychic or somethin'." B-kun warned him.

"Okay man, see ya later." D-kun said as B-kun left for work. He got there with time to spare.

"B-kun! Is that you?" A-chan yelled from the back.

"Yeah! Whatcha need?" He asked.

"Can you get the stand for me? I'm too damn short!" She cursed. He chuckled to himself and walked back there to get the stand.

"Here you go." He told her when he took the stool down. "Did you get the newsletters printed out?" She nodded.

"I stayed up till midnight trying to finish them." She said.

"Why'd you stay up so late?"

"I got a package in the mail… It was from my grandparents. They said that they found a house in Hiroshima and were going to buy it. They sent me a bunch of stuff that had been in the attic of the house." She wiped a tear from her eye. "It turns out, that had been the house my mom had been 'raped' in. It was the house my biological father lived in. But I found out…My mother wasn't raped. She used that as a cover story. She was really having an affair with the man… When she found out she was pregnant, she knew my Dad wouldn't believe it was his. He had left for a business trip a month before. So she claimed she had been raped. After I was born, she went to a therapist and he said it was a factor of the rape and they should put me up for adoption. But she really had Post-partum depression." A-chan was crying by this time. "The bitch lied…I've been lied to my whole life. My brother was my mom's from a previous marriage…My sister was adopted because my mom wasn't supposed to be able to have anymore kids. Now I find out my mom wasn't raped?" She was shaking so B-kun wrapped his arms around her. "It's not fair! It's not fucking fair!" She screamed, beating him in the chest with her fists.

"Sshh. Calm down-" He started.

"NO! I will NOT calm down!" She screamed at him, revealing her tear-stained cheeks.

"A-chan." She looked away. "Look at me." She didn't listen to him so he took her chin gently in his fingertips and moved her face so she would look at him. "A-chan…" He trailed off. He had a gentle look in his eyes that made her feel safe. So she broke down. She started to bawl in his shirt. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a hug. But, unbeknownst (whew, Long word! And I spelled it right! Yay for me! I'll let you get back now.) to them, a little spy was spying on them.

"I wonder…" She thought aloud. She quietly crept away from the door to give them some privacy. About fifteen minutes later they emerged as if nothing had happened.

They went along with their daily business and opened the store. The newsletter was a big hit. Before she knew it, it was A-chan's lunch break.

B-kun was at the check-out counter helping a lady find her grandson a game for his birthday. When the lady finally left, B-kun heard a laughing noise. He turned and saw D-kun by the miscellaneous section.

"Shut up, D-kun." B-kun told his roommate.

"Sorry, man. It's just funny that it took you ten minutes to explain that the game didn't come out till tomorrow!" He said laughing again.

"Why are you here any way? I thought you had a hangover. And from the way you acted last night, you should still be in bed."

"After a glass of tea and some of that ramen stuff you buy, I started to feel better." He answered.

"You still smell like alcohol. How can you drink that stuff strait? That shit's nasty." B-kun asked.

"You get used to it." He said.

"B-kun! We're almost out of newsletters; could you make some more copies? They're going like crazy!" C-chan said approaching the two boys.

"Oh! Hello and welcome to the Otaku Store! How may I help you today?" She said in a practiced, yet happy, tone.

"Hello there. What, may I ask, is your name? It must be as beautiful as you are. But, then again, I'm sure no name can do justice to your beauty." D-kun asked putting on a charming smile.

"My name's C-chan!" She said smiling.

"What a beautiful name! Are you the manager of this fine establishment?" D-kun asked.

"O! Nope! You're looking for A-chan! But, she's on lunch break right now; she'll be back in about an hour."

"Do you know where she normally goes for lunch?"

"Nope! She usually takes her lunch and leaves the mall and comes back an hour later."

"Oh. Okay. I'll come back a little later then." C-kun said bye and decided to shop for the hour he had to waste.

About half an hour later, a woman came up to the register and asked for a 'Chobits' DVD that she wanted to buy. C-chan walked in back, where B-kun was resting. She reached up on the shelf and grabbed the box. Amazingly, she didn't drop it and began searching for the DVD. She looked at b-kun who was drinking a soda and reading a magazine.

"Hey B-kun, I was wondering…"

"Wondering what?"

"Well, you seem close to A-chan."

"Yeah, and?"

"Well I was just curious…but-"

"Will you get to the point already?" asked B-kun, who was getting a little annoyed.

"Well… I was just wondering… if you had a… maybe had a crush on her." She said as B-kun then spit his drink out in shock.

"I WHAT!" He shouted. She smiled.

"You heard me. Now, is it true?"

"What! No! No, of course not!" He said as she sat down beside him.

"Really? Is that so?"

"Yes. Yes that's so. Why would you ask something like that?"

"Well, it just seemed that you would have a crush on her. I mean, she's pretty, nice, funny, and, though she doesn't show it, she has a sensitive side."

"You forget, she also has a temper, which can't be matched. She's stubborn, and has one hell of an attitude problem. She's bossy and she thinks she knows everything."

"Then why do you work here. You could probably find another job with a more attractive boss, who doesn't have those characteristics."

"I need the money. I pay rent on an apartment, and D-kun doesn't work so I pay all the rent money."

"Why did you choose this particular job though?"

"Why do you need to know?" He asked.

"Just something to think about." She said and walked away with a 'Chobits' DVD. She opened the door and tripped on her shoelaces.

'Amazingly with all her accidents, she hasn't even gotten scratched or bruised.' He thought, a sweatdrop forming on his brow.

A-chan had gotten back from lunch and B-kun left on his break. A few minutes later, D-kun came back.

"Hello. Welcome to the Otaku store. How can I help you today? Our item of the month is the new Chobits graphic novel. Reduced from retail price to six dollars and ninety-five cents, not including tax." A-chan said.

"Um, no thank you. I'm here to apply for a job."

"Oh! In that case, I'll need a resume and an essay on why you want to work here. I'm the manager, by the way. My name's A-chan." D-kun handed her the papers and smiled.

"My roommate works here, B-kun."

"Okay. If you don't mind, could you go in the back? My other employee might need some help." D-kun walked into the back room and saw C-chan attempt at reaching a box.

"Oh! Hi D-kun! Could you get this box for me?" She asked pointing to a box on the top shelf. He reached up, but wasn't quite tall enough to reach. "Oh! There's a stool in the restroom!" C-chan went to get the stool and came back. "Now try." She told him. He reached up and got it, but C-chan accidentally bumped the stool and D-kun and the box toppled down. The box flew open and landed on C-chan's head and D-kun landed on C-chan's back. D-kun felt an urge run through him. One he hadn't satisfied in almost a month. It was a very powerful urge, and the position they were in didn't help. So D-kun gave in.

"D-kun!" A female voice yelled from the door. She was glaring at his hand that was placed on C-chan's rear end. C-chan lifted the box, seemingly unaware of what else was going on.

"Oh, Hi A-chan! Sorry for the mess! I asked D-kun to get a box from where I couldn't reach and we had to get a stool, then I bumped it and him and the box fell…" She continued to babble for a little bit and then A-chan silenced her.

"Did he land so that his hand was on your ass?" She asked.

"Huh? What are you talking about? I didn't know his hand was on my butt." She said still unaware. "I thought it was a Book that landed there." She said still clueless.

"D-kun." A-chan said sternly. All of a sudden a mallet came out of nowhere….

The following scenes contain graphic material that may not be suitable for children under the age of sixteen, therefore they will not be written about in the following paragraphs…Thank You.

"Ow." Said a black and blue D-kun.

"DON'T TOUCH HER!" A-chan yelled at him. C-chan had closed her eyes because of the message that was displayed. She wasn't sixteen yet. A-chan turned around to walk out when she felt someone grab her buttocks. She tried to restrain herself, but couldn't help it. So she beat him up again, this time with a…lamp? The day continued on about the same way. Since he had a good resume and a very good essay, she gave him the job. She put Miroku on his nametag and sent him off to clean the store. A-chan counted the money. There was a little over 10 thousand dollars. After doing the math, and adding the savings from the previous day, they had just enough to buy a computer. B-kun and D-kun drove home in B-kun's truck and C-chan took the bus.

A-chan drove to a near-by computer store and began looking. She had the check in her hand and was looking for a computer. She saw a boy sitting at the customer service looking quite bored. She went over to ask for some help, when he got up and walked to her.

"You look a little lost, need some help." He had dark black hair and white skin.

"Um, yeah, I'm looking for a computer. That's within $500 and $600." She said and he led her to them.

"These are the good ones. They come with software packages and are about $650." He showed her the computers. "They come with monitors, speakers, and the mouse. We're having a sale, if you didn't know." He told her.

"I'll take that one." She said pointing to one. He rang it up and told her it would be delivered in two days, free installation.

"Thank you, um?"

"Frankie." He told her.


"You're welcome, A-chan." She gave him a weird look and he pointed to her nametag. She was a little embarrassed but drove home and passed out on her bed.

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